Published: May 15, 2018

Tonight, SEIU members like us won big. Thanks to your CAPE contributions, our union’s political program elected a labor-friendly Labor Commissioner, shook up the State Senate, and sent an SEIU member to the State House of Representatives!

Through these victories, our union builds the strength we need to protect our wages and benefits, and secure the good union jobs that support our families.  Please increase your CAPE contribution today, so we can start building toward success in November!

2018 Primary Election Results

Val Hoyle – A pro-labor Labor Commissioner

As your new Commissioner of Labor and Industries, Val Hoyle will fight for SEIU members. Val is a pro-labor candidate who will enforce our wage and civil rights laws, and work to protect good union jobs that support our state’s economy.



Tiffiny Mitchell – Sending an SEIU member to Salem

SEIU 503 member Tiffiny Mitchell filed to run minutes before the deadline because no one else in the race represented working families. Our union had her back from day one, and tonight she won the nomination! This is huge for our union. Tiffiny will be a tremendous ally in Salem, so we need to hit the ground running and support her campaign in November.



Shemia Fagan – Shaking up the State Senate

Housing advocate Shemia Fagan defeated the landlord-backed Rod Monroe. This is a huge shake-up for the Oregon Senate, which has been an obstacle for passing legislation that SEIU members support. Shemia’s election sends a clear message: It’s time for the Senate to get to work addressing affordable housing, funding public services, and protecting healthcare access.



Will you increase your CAPE contribution to help us build toward the November election?

You can see full election results at [LINK]

Other races to watch: 

Kate Brown, Governor (Democrat)
Deb Patterson, Senate District 10 (Democrat)
Micki Varney, Salem City Council
Kathryn Harrington, Washington County Commission
Greg Malinowski, Washington County Commission
Joe Berney, Lane County Commission
Laura Kent, Lane County Commission
Susheela Jayapal, Multnomah County Commission