Published: April 22, 2022

Published April 22, 2022

Some results are still pending resolution of ties or acceptance of write-ins and will be listed as pending below. This page will be updated when pending results are finalized. The official publication date of all election results listed below is April 22, 2022, unless supplemental results note a later publication date

Statewide Offices

President: Andrea Kennedy-Smith

Vice President (ODHS): Deanna Boylan

Vice President (OHA): Emily Wang

Secretary: Wayne Ground

Treasurer: Rachelle Mullins

Sub-local 201:

Chair: Rose Barnes

Vice Chair: Nikki Watkins

Secretary: Bonnie-Jean Underwood

Treasurer: Melody Flory

Sub-local 202:

Chair: Phillip Newman

Vice Chair: Alan Smith

Secretary: Kathy Kalous

Treasurer: Michelle Deparrie

Sub-local 203:

Chair: Patty Massingale

Vice Chair: Lori Lambert

Secretary: Renee McWhorter

Treasurer: Angie Endres

Sub-local 204:

Chair: John Sinor

Vice Chair: Evan Berss

Secretary: Results pending. 

Treasurer: Results pending. 

Sub-local 205:

Chair: Jordan Meyer

Vice Chair: Jenn Cranmer

Secretary: Tina Trotter

Treasurer: Twyla Kelley

Sub-local 206:

Chair: Results pending.

Vice Chair: Mary Guthrie

Secretary: Tracy Mahan

Treasurer: Tia Schattenkerk

Sub-local 207:

Chair: Candy Gifford

Vice Chair: Jessica Patterson

Secretary: Elizabeth Beckett

Treasurer: Holly Reynolds

Sub-local 208:

Chair: Patrick Vejar

Vice Chair: Denise Pepperling

Secretary: Autchara Knapp

Treasurer: Shae Vejar

Sub-local 209:

Chair: Derek Wright

Vice Chair: Pauline Niko

Secretary: Janet Acevedo

Treasurer: Kiku Le Roux

Sub-local 210:

Chair: Results pending

Vice Chair: Laura Ross

Secretary: Sunny Nicholson-Allen

Treasurer: Marie McKeeman

Sub-local 211:

Chair: Mark Thordsen

Vice Chair: Results pending.

Secretary: Samantha Phillips

Treasurer: Monica Van Domelen

Sub-local 212:

Chair: Katie Sturgeon

Vice Chair: Kathy Summerfield

Secretary: Claudett Guerrero

Treasurer: Results pending.

Sub-local 213:

Chair: Evangelist Skky Obenwa

Vice Chair: Sandie Elliott

Secretary: Em Johnson

Treasurer: Wendy Langford

Sub-local 214:

Chair: Steve Cerreta

Vice Chair: Vacant.

Secretary: Sophie Figueroa

Treasurer: Deeann Single

Sub-local 215:

Chair: Jean Jones

Vice Chair: Christine Larkins

Secretary: Martha Gomez

Treasurer: Rebekkah Kehm

Sub-local 216:

Chair: Holly Smith

Vice Chair: Susannah Krug

Secretary: Sean McCaffrey

Treasurer: Jacob Sanford

Sub-local 217:

Chair: Greg Ivers

Vice Chair: Michel Miller

Secretary: Lesa O’Dell

Treasurer: Tammy Mazon

Sub-local 218:

Chair: Michelle Miranda

Vice Chair: Chelsea Alionar

Secretary: Christopher Lee

Treasurer: LeAnn Ivers

Sub-local 219:

Chair: Jennifer Li

Vice Chair: Debra Thompson

Secretary: Results pending.

Treasurer: Results pending.

Sub-local 220:

Chair: Michele Ford

Vice Chair: Teresa Ojeda

Secretary: Results pending.

Treasurer: Rochelle Santiago

Local 200 General Council Delegates

Note: All candidates elected are listed below, but candidates who were elected as Statewide President, Vice Presidents, Secretary, or Treasurer, or who were elected as sub-local Chairs or Vice Chairs are automatic General Council Delegates in those roles. If a candidate is elected to both a General Council Delegate position and another automatic General Council delegate position, unless they decline the other elected position, the next alternate with the highest number of votes will be offered the General Council delegate position.

  1. Emily Wang (Elected OHA Vice President)
  2. Wednesday Martin
  3. Marilou Webb
  4. Janet Acevedo
  5. Michelle Deparrie
  6. Sara Ashmore
  7. Amanda Dodson
  8. Janet Rosen
  9. Sara Gwin
  10. Melody Flory
  11. Oliver Mintz-Lowe
  12. John O’Connor
  13. Julia Morrissey
  14. Darrahlyn Young
  15. Murphy Joppie
  16. Amanda Rose
  17. Tammy Mazon
  18. Steve Wilson
  19. Evan Berss (Elected Vice Chair of Sub-local 204)
  20. Lisa Moya
  21. Perrish Banks
  22. Martin Ramirez
  23. Shamus Cooke
  24. Paula Mendoza
  25. Erin Scott

General Council Alternates

Results pending acceptance of write-ins and resolution of ties.

Local 200 Bargaining Delegates

  1. Amanda Dodson
  2. Vesna Grace Hopkins
  3. Hava Aviv
  4. Charlotte Billings
  5. Jennifer Li
  6. Sara Gwin
  7. Rachelle Mullins
  8. Andrew Fry
  9. Murphy Joppie
  10. Noelle Scott
  11. Ellen Beauclair-Harter
  12. Courtney Langner
  13. Kaylyn McClintock
  14. Janet Rosen
  15. Denise Pepperling/Evangelist Skky Obenwa (Tie pending)

Bargaining Alternates

  1. Evangelist Skky Obenwa
  2. Mysti Hall
  3. Kiku Le Roux
  4. Evan Berss
  5. Jordan Meyer
  6. Mark Thordsen
  7. Steve Wilson

All write-in candidates received fewer votes than the alternates listed above. Write-in candidates will be contacted regarding their acceptance of the position if a position becomes available.