Published: February 11, 2022

We met with management for our third bargaining session on Thursday, February 10. At this session, our union bargaining team made proposals dealing with several issues that MCEA members indicated as key priorities for this contract.

Our proposals included: 

  • A one-time $3,000 pandemic recognition bonus in appreciation of the work Marion County employees have been doing throughout the pandemic.
  • Creating a new, permanent telecommuting article in our contract.

In addition, we proposed that people working 10-hour shifts should receive the same amount of weekly rest-period time as people who work 8-hour shifts. (Currently, a full-time worker on a 10-hour shift gets 30 minutes less break time per week than someone working an 8-hour shift.) We also proposed a new article on “Workload Prioritization” that guarantees the right of employees to receive support from their supervisors in managing high workloads.

Finally, we reached Tentative Agreements on twelve articles that will remain unchanged from the previous contract. For a complete list of the Tentative Agreements, please visit the MCEA 294 Facebook Group.

Our next meeting with management will be Tuesday, February 22 at 5pm. All MCEA members are invited to observe. If you are interested in joining, please reach out to an MCEA Bargaining Team delegate. We will also be posting info about how to observe on the MCEA 294 Facebook Group.