Published: January 12, 2018

In keeping with their record of abysmal failure in Oregon, the Freedom Foundation has returned to their old MO of filing junk lawsuits to try to tie up union resources.

But this time, they brought a special friend: Tyler Smith, the extremist conservative lawyer who defended the owners of Sweet Cakes by Melissa—the bakers who refused service to a lesbian couple.

The case is the third case the group has filed against SEIU 503 since moving to Oregon in mid-2015. The others—Brown v Brown and Berman v. Brown—were dismissed by the Court and voluntarily withdrawn by Plaintiffs.

Since moving to Oregon two and a half years ago, the Freedom Foundation hasn’t put a dent in SEIU 503’s membership numbers* despite using tactics like intimidating workers in their homes, and dressing up like Santa to pathetically stand out on the capitol mall.

According to SEIU 503 Executive Director Brian Rudiger, “Workers know that we all do better when we join together. That’s why SEIU 503’s membership is at an historic high. We know the Freedom Foundation has failed in Oregon. Given their record of legal failure in Oregon and Washington, it’s clear that their legal strategy is really a fundraising one aimed at anti-worker billionaires like the Kochs. Their tactics have always smacked of desperation, but it’s just sad to watch them manipulate a group of workers for the sake of another junk press release about another junk lawsuit. ”


*LM-2 reporting, available through US Dept of Labor