Published: March 28, 2022

Where can I find voting instructions and candidate statements? 

Click here to view candidate statements for sub-local 99. 

Voting instructions can be viewed here (click preferred language below):

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Chinese / 中国人

Why are we ranking candidates?

Sub-local 99 voted in 2021 to amend their Bylaws to implement ranked-choice voting for most elected positions. Ranked-choice voting (RCV) is a voting method which allows voters to rank candidates by preference. Instead of the highest vote-getter winning an election by a plurality (even if they did not receive a majority of the votes), voters can mark their first choice candidate, their second choice, their third, and so on. If no candidate is the first choice of more than 50% of the voters, an instant runoff is triggered and any candidates receiving less than 10% of first choice votes is eliminated. (If all candidates received over 10% of first choice votes, the candidate receiving the fewest first choice votes is eliminated.) Those who voted for the candidate(s) who were eliminated then have their second-choice votes added to the first-choice votes for the other candidates. This process continues until a candidate has more than 50% of the vote. This two minute YouTube video created by does a good job of succinctly describing how RCV works:


Do I have to rank all of the candidates? 

No, you can submit your ballot without ranking all candidates, but it is recommended that you do rank all of the candidates. If you only rank your first choice candidate and they are eliminated, you will not have a voice in selecting the winning candidate in the instant run-off election. Ranking your second, third, fourth, etc. choices does not have any impact on the likelihood that your first choice candidate will win. Your next choices will only be considered if your first choice is eliminated in contests where only one candidate is elected. You should also note that some contests elect multiple candidates for a position that more than one person can hold. The ballot will indicate how many positions are available.


Why am I in this District? 

Sub-local 99 voted in 2021 to amend their Bylaws and these amendments included updating their districts. Your district is based on where you live. If you live outside of Oregon, you are assigned to the closest adjacent district. After you enter your login info in the online voting portal, it will display the district for your ballot. If you have recently moved to a new district, you should close the portal without voting and contact the Member Assistance Center at 1-844-503-SEIU (7348) to update your address and request a replacement ballot for the district where you reside. You can see the new district map below:

A map of oregon with counties color-coded to display the Local 99 election districts