Published: April 3, 2019

Our Institutions Coalition’s elected bargaining delegates from Oregon Youth Authority (OYA), Oregon State Hospital (OSH), and Pendleton Cottage met with management’s bargaining team on March 28. All initial proposals are in. Our proposals included:

  1. Preventing management from floating employees out of their program during overtime shifts at OSH.
  2. A proposal improving the use of video during investigatory meetings at OSH, OYA and Pendleton Cottage.

Management’s main proposals include a new tumble process at OYA, having the most impact on MacLaren. Meanwhile at OSH and Pendleton Cottage, management proposed to significantly reduce the use of comp time, including a proposed reduction of comp time banked from 200 to 40 hours as well as impacting how comp time is utilized.

The next session with management is on April 11. Our ability to win good contracts depends on the strength of our membership, so be sure and support your bargaining team by purpling up at work on April 11.

SEIU workers from across the state will rally in Salem on May 20th. Be sure and register today. Family and friends are welcome.