Published: September 16, 2021

Don’t miss this week’s call to action! But first, we’ve got big news…

Hundreds of SEIU 503 members took action last week to end late pay. We are thrilled to announce that the State heard you and they made a major change to address this issue. Starting now, DHS will now process paychecks every day for homecare workers in the ADP program. That means if you miss a paycheck, you can get it corrected and get paid right away instead of waiting until the next payday. This is a major victory! We’d like to thank everyone who took action last week, in addition to everyone who has been pushing for this over the last few years. Thank you!

Our bargaining team met with the state again on Tuesday and we bargained late into the night. We are very close to settling this contract, including wins on issues like hazard pay, raises, and more.

As we enter the final stretch, workers across the state are speaking out about the need for a fair contract that respects us, protects us, and pays us for the essential work we do. We’ve seen what our voices can do, and right now is the most important time to make our voices heard.

Will you add your voice to the chorus? Click here to participate in our September Selfie Action. Let the world know that care is essential!

In Unity,

SEIU 503