Published: March 28, 2018
The results are in for Local 085, University of Oregon Officer, General Council/Bargaining Delegate & Stewards Elections. Ballots were counted on 3/27/18. Here are the results for the following offices:
President             John Taylor
Vice President     Louie Vidmar
Secretary             Stephanie Prentiss
Treasurer             Lisa Wimberley
Chief Steward      Gary Malone
Additional positions include: 
Chief Contact                        Lois Yoshishige
Membership Organizer         Lisa Roberts
Newsletter Editor                  Jason Stone
Chief Bargaining Delegate   Johnny Earl
Chief General Council Delegate  Theo Ko Thompson
General Council Delegate  Jerimiah Igou
Stewards  Candice Woyak, Chris Bogle, Chuck Theobald, Cimmeron Gillespie, Gary
Malone, Jerimiah Igou, Johnny Earl, Lauradel Collins, Lisa Roberts, Lisa Wimberley, Lois Yoshishige, Michael Omogrosso, Mike Barr, Nikki Rudiger, Sara Clark, Stephanie Prentiss, Theodora Ko Thompson, Toni Campbell, Tony LaChapelle, and Morgan Blake
Bargaining Delegates  Candice Woyak, Lisa Wimberley, Louie Vidmar, and Ruby F. Thompson
General Council Delegates  Beth Singler, Cimmeron Gillespie, Gary Malone, Jason Stone, Jimmy Murray, Johnny Earl, Lisa Roberts, Louie Vidmar, Lynne Harrell, Michael Omogrosso, Sara Clark, and Jerimiah Igou
Strike/Hardship Committee  Craig Koharchick, Cynthia Lynn Hiers, Jerimiah Igou, Nicole Nelson, Rick Schwab, Toni Campbell, and Cimmeron Gillespie