Published: October 13, 2021

This November let’s get #SeriousOnSafety!

As essential workers, we have put ourselves on the line again and again for Marion County, but we still are not respected, protected, or fairly compensated by the Marion County Board of Commissioners. They count on our understanding, our compliance, and our inaction to continue ignoring our needs and demands. That’s why, during the month of November, Marion County workers will unite in action to advocate for ourselves, our families, and each other.

This November, MCEA workers are getting #SeriousOnSafety and taking one action each week to make our voices heard.

Week 1: ​​​​Complete this Employee Culture Survey! Your feedback and voice are essential as we fight for the issues that affect you. Thank you for participating in the process, and for making your voice heard!

Week 2: Download this #SeriousOnSafety Virtual Meeting Background, and learn how to make it your background in WebEx. This is a great way to show solidarity with your fellow workers in your virtual meetings, and to show management that you’re #SeriousOnSafety!