Published: November 17, 2023

The District that Stole Christmas

PPS has done everything they can to delay settling a fair contract. They didn’t make a single proposal until the middle of June, and now they are delaying mediation until January 18th.

After pressure from our bargaining department PPS agreed to schedule bargaining dates in November and December without a mediator. It’s time to prove we won’t wait until 2024 for living wages and safe, respectful working conditions!

  • Join your bargaining team Monday November 27th at 501 N. Dixon between 1-5pm.
  • Come to our “The District that Stole Christmas” holiday event 12/9 for food, fun and a press conference about how delaying pay raises impacts holiday plans for low wage essential workers.

RSVP for either or both of these events.

Sign the strike pledge: PPS STRIKE PLEDGE