Published: June 11, 2021

Q. What is Provider Time Capture (PTC)?

A. Provider Time Capture is the name of the project that is implementing EVV.

Q. What if I do not have a smart phone, computer, or internet access?

A. ODHS and OHA are committed to providing other ways of capturing EVV required data if coverage isn’t available. There are alternative options available for OR PTC DCI that do not require cell phone or internet coverage. Providers and Consumers will go through options counseling to determine which method works best.

Q. How are the Providers supposed to use the mobile app if they lose internet/service?

A. The mobile application will still be able to capture the appropriate information at clock-in and clock-out and will send the data once connection is re-established.

Q. Is the location in OR PTC DCI required to be the Consumer’s home location?

A. No, services can also be provided in the community, as appropriate.

Q. Do Providers have to list which tasks were provided and how detailed will the services provided need to be when entered into OR PTC DCI?

A. Yes. Depending on the OR PTC EVV method they use (as the functionality varies), there will be a list of tasks to select from. Providers are required to select at least one task before clock-out can be completed.

Q. How will OR PTC DCI handle temporary changes such as vacations or respite?

A. This process will mirror our current processes, please refer to the Local Office for questions.

Q. What information will be collected in OR PTC DCI?

A. The services provided based on your Consumer’s task list in OR PTC DCI. Who receives the services. Who provides the services. Date of services. Where services are provided. Work start and end times.

Q. When is location captured?

A. Location is only recorded at the time the Provider checks-in at the start of the service and at the time they check-out at the end of the service, via mobile app only.

Q. Will OR PTC DCI make it take less time for us to get paid?

A. The payment process will not change. However, the automated system will reduce errors and other potential delays to receiving your paycheck.

Q. Will there be training in languages other than English?

A. Learning materials will be provided in English, Spanish, Russian, Vietnamese, Simplified Chinese, Traditional Chinese, Farsi, Korean, Khmer, Nepalese, Lao, Romanian, Arabic, and Somali. There are also additional materials available translated into those languages at

Q. Will there be a contact person or group that we can call to get answers if needed?

A. Yes! Reach out to your Case Manager with any questions you have. The PTC Project also has a mailbox that we monitor daily for support: