Published: February 22, 2021

SEIU 503 members are committed to fighting for racial justice.

No matter where we come from or what we look like, we all deserve an equitable chance to pursue our dreams. We reject the politics of hate and division. We are fighting back against self-interested politicians and greedy corporations who try to divide us while they hijack our economy, our democracy, and our government.

Together in union, people from different places and of different races fight for issues that matter to our families. Our experience teaches us that “divide and conquer” strategies are often used to keep working people from coming together to build a better future for all families and race has historically been one of the most powerful ways to pit working people against one another.

Resources for self-education

Taking Freedom is a collection of readings intended to help union members and activists deepen their understanding of how race impacts the issues we hear on the news everyday. Together, with co-workers, neighbors, and friends you can use these essays to build conversations and take actions that bring us closer to creating a more just and humane society.

It is also available in Spanish.

SEIU National Resolution on Racial Justice

At our 2016 International Convention, SEIU members passed a resolution proclaiming that in order to win economic justice, we must win racial justice.

SEIU 503 Caucuses

SEIU 503’s caucuses are affinity groups where people connect to other members with shared identities.

African/African American Caucus (AFRAM)
Encourages members of African descent to engage in organizing efforts and fully participate in the development and implementation of our union’s programs. Contact:

Asian, Desi and Pacific Islander Caucus
With roots tracing back to nearly fifty different countries. The Caucus’s mission is to reach out to our culturally diverse API workers, union members, and families to promote participation in union and community activities. Contact:

The Indigenous People’s Caucus
The Indigenous People’s Caucus gives voice to the collective experiences and struggles of Indigenous communities. We are committed to decolonization, celebrating Indigenous culture and knowledge, and uplifting each other regardless of tribal affiliation, federal recognition, geography, and national origins. Contact:

The Latinx Caucus
A group of members who share similar interests, struggles, history and are passionate about making change in our communities. We have established a set of priorities that guide us, which includes education, healthcare, immigration and economic development for members and our community. Contact:

Other Affinity Groups

The Lavender Caucus (LGBTQIA+)
The Lavender Caucus exists to serve as a resource for LGBTQIA+ union members and their families through education, outreach and visibility — in addition to fostering queer leadership in our union. Contact:

The Women’s Council
The women’s council is an active group in our union working to engage new and emerging women-identified leaders. Contact: