Published: July 16, 2018


You’ve heard the lies from anti-worker groups like the Freedom Foundation/Opt-Out Today. They say SEIU members are overpaid and don’t work enough. They decry our “handsome salaries.” As if.

SEIU members are committed and hard working. In fact, we are vital to Oregon. We provide healthcare, support seniors and people with disabilities, keep our roads clear, protect our natural resources, keep our public universities running, and more.

We won’t let out-of-state, dark-money groups sully members’ reputation without a fight. That’s why SEIU members are putting up billboards in Salem and Portland.

It’s time to make sure everyone knows that we’re here to serve Oregon.

So next time you’re on I-84, 205 or I-5, make sure to keep your eye out for our billboard! (And drive carefully because there are a lot of SEIU members from ODOT out there doing road work this summer.)