Published: October 21, 2020

On the latest episode of Stronger Together, the SEIU Local 503 podcast, we delve into the world of politics by interviewing two SEIU endorsed candidates. With a big election coming up next month, we wanted to bring you conversations with two political candidates that have been endorsed by our local. Our CAPE Board, which is made up of union members, interview candidates running for office to see if they will take on issues that are important to public employees. 

This is part of how a democratic union approaches our political process and it gives us an opportunity to raise the voices of union members about the important issues that affect our state and country.

In this episode, our Political Director, Andrea Cooper, will be first interviewing Deb Patterson, a candidate for Oregon Senate District 10. Deb has been a community leader in Oregon for years as a pastor and healthcare administrator, and she is also a proud homecare worker and SEIU 503 member.

Andrea Cooper will also be interviewing Oregon Senator Jeff Merkley, who has been a progressive voice for Oregonians for years. He will be discussing the important national issues that public employees face, the importance of this year’s local election, and why we need bold solutions to confront income inequality.