Published: April 20, 2021


The following is a statement from SEIU 503 on the Dereck Chauvin verdict:


Today we have a recognition that George Floyd’s life had value and that his murderer won’t walk free. Justice would be if George Floyd was alive today. As a labor movement, we must recommit to doing our part to dismantle structural racism.


Below are links to additional resources and educational materials related to racial justice and community support.

Community Support

Directory of Black-Owned Businesses in Portland

Support Black Owned National Directory

Oregon Organizations

Anti-Racists Organizations in Oregon

Don’t Shoot PDX

Black Lives Matter: PDX


The Movement for Black Lives

Campaign Zero


SEIU members have created the Racial Justice Center, a hub for resources and learning around issues of racial justice in the labor movement. The pioneering work SEIU members have done to support the Race-Class Narrative Project has had a profound impact on economic justice campaigns across the country. And the Talking Freedom Project, a collaboration between SEIU members and the MIT Community Innovators Lab (CoLab), has produced a wealth of resources for self-education on topics ranging from police brutality to education to labor issues among incarcerated people.