Published: March 28, 2022

SEIU Local 503 Disclaimer: Nominated candidates were invited to submit a campaign statement not to exceed 200 words. SEIU 503 uniformly formats statements for publication and otherwise prints statements verbatim as submitted by the candidate(s). The following are statements and photographs submitted by candidates for this election. Any candidate not listed here did not submit a candidate statement or photograph by the submission deadline. All candidates who submitted and/or accepted a nomination by the deadline are listed on the ballot.

Tyler Emmott: My thanks to my nominators. I hope to fulfill the duties of the office sufficiently. I believe very strongly in the importance of the rights of labor, and I see it as a duty and honor to perform the duties of a position like this.

Derek Hill: I would be happy to fill the role of steward and support co-workers should the need arise. I have seven years experience working at the state and in the past have served as a DHS steward. I’m passionate about people being treated fairly and having support through difficult times. I believe the union does bring us better working conditions and benefits. I will do what I can to help us thrive together.

Orion Lumiere: Hello friends! I have enjoyed serving as our sublocal Steward for the last two years and would be proud to do it for another two. I love being a resource for our members and a support for my coworkers. I also love signing up new members, because a union is only as strong as its membership. I get things done, I listen to my members, and I will always speak up for what is just and fair – and for YOU! There is truly great power in a union my friends. Together we rise!

Photo of Orion Lumiere

Photo of Orion Lumiere