Published: December 8, 2021

This 5-year deal includes guarantees on our healthcare and steps, cost of living increases, pandemic recognition pay and more! 


Last week, your member-elected bargaining team reached a tentative agreement with management on a new contract. We’re excited to share the details!

First, we have to congratulate everyone in our union for the wins we achieved this year. Throughout the process, members have given their feedback through bargaining surveys, taken action through petitions, attended unity breaks and rallies, and connected through social media to get results on the issues that mattered most to them. All of this was on top of our historic strike campaign in 2019, which laid the foundation for all the gains we see this year. It’s true what they say. When we fight, we win!

2022-26 Contract Details

  • 5.6% cost of living adjustment over the next 7 months, plus steps if you’re not topped out.
  • Additional raises, also called “selective salary increases,” for dozens of classifications covering more than 40% of members. See article 21 in our contract details document for the list of classifications that will see a selective increase.
  • $15/hour minimum wage across all universities.
  • $1,050 – $1,500 (minus taxes) in pandemic pay for essential workers.
  • And more. Read the full contract details.

Your union, your choice!

Your contract doesn’t go into effect until it’s approved by a vote of the membership. It’s an important part of our democratic, member-run union.

On Monday, December 13th, you’ll receive an email with your personalized link to vote on this contract. In the meantime, you can help spread the news of the Tentative Agreement by forwarding this email to your coworkers. While you’re at it, if they’re not union members, give them a nudge to join the union.

These wins are only possible because of member participation. When we work together, there isn’t anything we can’t achieve!