Published: April 8, 2021

Later this year, DHS is rolling out a new way to track hours. This will replace the current voucher system. Here’s an update on the rollout from DHS:

The Provider Time Capture (PTC) Project is rolling out a new electronic solution this summer called OR PTC DCI. This stands for Oregon, Provider Time Capture, Direct Care Innovations. This is the new solution that will replace the current paper voucher process for Home Care Workers (HCWs) and Personal Care Attendants (PCAs). 

There are different OR PTC DCI options available based on the types of technology and access individuals have. Here is a short summary of each:

  • OR PTC DCI Mobile App: This is a free application and may be the most popular choice for Providers! This app allows Providers to easily clock in, clock out and view their hours using their smart phone. 
  • OR PTC DCI Landline: This option is perfect if there is a landline phone in the home where services are provided and no smart phone/device access. This is also a great option for areas without reliable cell phone data or internet connection. 
  • OR PTC DCI Fob: This is another way to capture time when a smart phone/device or landline phone is unavailable. It is a small, keychain-like device that is always kept in the Consumer’s home. The Provider pushes a button on the fob to display a code at the start and end of their shift and writes each code on the fob timesheet. Note: Providers must be able to access the internet at least once per pay period to enter the codes from the fob timesheet into the OR PTC DCI Web Portal. 

Training and support options will be provided before anything changes.  

Check out the PTC monthly videos on the ODHS YouTube channel for critical information and project updates. 

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