Published: November 10, 2020

Whether we are providing care for people in their homes, supporting critical public services and education, or fighting wildfires, service is at the heart of our work as SEIU members. Today, we wish to honor those among us who have also served our nation. Less than 1-percent of our population serves in the military, but their contributions and sacrifice make it possible for all of us to go about our lives in relative peace and security. 

Like our nation and our union, the U.S. military is diverse, bringing people from every corner of the nation and all walks of life together in service. While Memorial Day honors those who made the ultimate sacrifice for our nation, Veterans Day recognizes all who served in the military. 


Homecare leader Alice Redding served in the U.S. Marines during the Vietnam era. “For me, Veterans Day is about honoring those who died, those who are still suffering, those who are still in the military, and all who served our nation,” said Alice. “It’s also a day of remembering service members’ spouses and families for their contributions, sacrifice, and support.”



In anticipation of Veterans Day and in recognition of their service, the SEIU 503 Women’s Caucus gave quilts to women veteran members, including Alice and homecare leader Nannette “D” Carter-Jafri. We salute you all, today and every day.