Published: March 8, 2024

As Women’s History month begins, we are reminded of the great strides in progress that have been made but are also painfully aware of the attempts to roll back and end the progress that generations of advocates, organizers, and leaders have given their lives to see into reality. 

Across our country, in a post Roe v. Wade world, where threats to healthcare, privacy, the rights to abortion care are under assault by a conservative Supreme Court and an emboldened right-wing majority in the House of Representatives, we remain committed to fighting for expanded equity for all marginalized communities. We stand against transphobic, racist, and misogynist attacks on people that have been on the rise. The economic wellbeing of women workers must go together with refuting the terms of social and cultural stigma put upon marginalized people through a violent right-wing Lense.  

As we engage in this reality, and fight for a future where all people are respected and valued for their unique contribution. Our Caucus community here at SEIU503 stands firmly with on the principle that women are entitled to a fair and equal shot, in a workplace that doesn’t discriminate or hold them back and treats them with the respect they are entitled to as human beings.  

We recognize that women are the backbone of our labor movement, especially here at SEIU503, working some of the most demanding jobs, both physically and emotionally, that our represented staff do. Over this month, we will uplift and celebrate all who came before us and pay tribute to the shoulders we stand on as we engage in further the fight for social and economic justice.