Published: June 28, 2022

SEIU 503 has scored a $1 million victory for Homecare Workers, Personal Care Attendants, and Personal Support Workers participating in OregonSaves. Our Union won a retirement security provision for workers in their most recent contract (2019-21), allowing them to participate in the OregonSaves retirement program through payroll deduction. However, it took months for the state to implement the program, causing workers to lose out on interest from their invested dollars. Our Union filed a grievance in 2020, demanding that workers who lost interest in their contributions be made whole. More than 17,000 workers were affected by the delays.  

Cheers to Penny Vansanten and Homecare Local 99 Chief Stewards Patty Falkenstein and Nannette “D” Cater-Jafri for their tenacity and pushing for a resolution that included lost revenue in the terms. Because we have a Union, we won $3 Million Dollars for Homecare Workers in a few weeks.