NOTE: President Steve Demarest serves as a non-voting ex-officio member of all Standing Committees. (Bylaws Article XIV, section 1 (f))

Union Finance Committee develops plans for adequately financing the union, presents an annual budget to the Board and regularly reviews the fiscal operation of the union.

Finance Committee
Staff Advisor: Beth Moore
Theo Ko Thompson UO Eugene
Rebecca Sandoval HCW Medford
Melissa Unger Exec Dir Statewide
Carl Nolte AFH Bend
Joy’e Willman Homecare Portland
Helen Moore Higher Ed La Grande
Bobbie Sotin HCW Coos Bay
Ibrahim Coulibaly OSH Junction City
Cristal DeJarnac HCW Central Oregon
Chair: Mary Stewart Revenue Eugene

Rules Committee promotes the consistency of rules as set forth in the Union’s Bylaws and Administrative Policies and Procedures, making recommendations to the Board on issues requiring clarification.

Staff Advisor: Shirin Khosravi
Brittany Williams HCW Portland
Catherine Stearns Retirees Corvallis
Dan Smtih OSH Salem
Khandra Jubbary DHS/OHA Tigard
Chair: Andrea Kennedy Smith DHS/OHA Hillsboro

Member Representation Committee recommends Board action on matters concerning negotiation and representation of employees, election appeals and recall elections, allegations of a breach of the union’s duty of fair representation, internal union disputes, and contract ratification procedures.

Member Representation
Staff Advisor: Shirin Khosravi
Samuel Browne NH Aloha/Beaverton
Sara Campos DSH/OHA Salem
Latosha Dysin-Ridge DHS/OHA Portland
Didi Crellin HCW K Falls
Rhonda Morgan DHS/OHA Salem
Chair: Erin Selvey City of Springfield Springfield

Stewards’ Committee
coordinates steward activities statewide. The committee plans a biennial stewards’ conference, monitors steward training, and assists with lists, selection and replacement language, and development of councils and other steward networks.

Staff Advisor: Silvia Ruiz
Sunflower Folkins NH Medford
Alisha Goodwin DOJ Salem
Jo Hickerson EOU LaGrande
Shawn Holliday OSH Junction City
Tammy Tate Houdroge HCW Portland
Diana Lobo HCW Damascus
Mike Scott ODOT Grants Pass
Tifini Linford DHS/OHA Salem
Sally Comberworth HCW Cave Junction
Janet Ferris OYA Tillamook
Co-chairs: Terry Hayden HCW Corvallis
Micki Varney ODFW Salem

Standing Committees by AP&P

Member Benefits Committee recommends Board action on benefit programs, policy positions on insurance programs, and maintenance, betterment and promotion of workers’ compensation benefits.

Member Benefits
Staff Advisor: Rebecca Kozisek
Trudi Jackson Employment Dept Bend
Colleen Jeffrey DMV Sherwood
Allen Meyer DCBS Salem
Amy Yum HCW Milwaukie
Ken Hollenzer HCW Portland
Michael Omogrosso UO Eugene
Chair:  TBD

Staff Screening Committee collects and reviews applications, conducts interviews and makes recommendations to the Executive Director or Department Supervisor.

Staff Screening
Staff Advisors: Rolando Figueroa & Maureen Crawford
Angelica Ceja Ochoa OSH Salem
Thomas Gale-Barnard Dept of Justice Portland
Marie Hill DHS/OHA Portland
Tammy Tate Houdroge HCW Portland
Theodora Ko Thompson UO Eugene
Ron Strle NH Hood River

Civil and Human Rights Committee promotes and monitors the union’s commitment to equal employment opportunity and administers the Latino, the Lavender and the African/American caucuses to build a strong power base for pursuing issues of cultural diversity.

Civil and Human Rights
Staff Advisor:  TBD
Ibrahim Coulibaly OSH Junction City
Didi Crellin HCW Klamath Falls
Pam Dyer HCW Clackamas
Latosha Dyson-Ridge HCW E. Multnomah Co
Michele Ford DHS/OHA Salem
Betty Holladay DHS/OHA Salem
Tammy Tate Houdroge HCW Portland
Natalie Jackson CC Ashland
Khanda Jubbary DHS/OHA Hillsboro
Ann Montague Retirees Salem
Martin Ramirez DHS/OHA Medford
Coquille Rex OSU Corvallis
Lora Sylvester OSU Lebanon/Corvallis
Abyssinia Trent AFH Keizer
Joy Vegar HCW Coos Bay
Sharrone Vincent HCW Columbia Co
Brittany Williams HCW Portland
Diana Lobo HCW Damascus
Kim Cole HCW Medford


Caucuses of the C&HR Committee
Lavender Caucus
Chair: Taylor Bacon Staff Advisors: Emily Sokolski & Kyndall Mason
AFRAM Caucus
President:  VP: Staff Advisors: Nima Mohamed & Marvel Smith
Latino Caucus Chairs: Staff Advisor: Gabe Holguin & Belinda Ochoa
Indigenous Peoples Caucus Chair: Staff Advisor: TBD
Asian, Desi & Pacific Islander Caucus Chair: Staff Advisor: Meng Chen

Member/Local Union Organizing Committee designs and supports programs in which members work on behalf of the union while on leave or release from their current employment.

Member Local Organizing
Staff Advisor: Lisa Hubbard
Sherri Arias HCW K Falls
Victor Becera DHS/OHA K Falls
Mark Cook HCW Keizer/Salem
Alice Redding HCW Rainier
Catherine Stearns Retirees Corvallis
Louie Vidmar UO Eugene
Heather Digregorio HCW Umatilla
Terri Sharp HCW Ontario


Hardship Committee sets standards and criteria for local Hardship Committees for providing limited and short-term assistance to members.

Hardship Committee
Staff Advisor: Madison Hibler


Committee to Protect Injured Workers organizes, educates and mobilizes around the issues of workers’ compensation, insurance, safety and health.

Committee to Protect Injured Workers
Staff Advisor: TBD


Pension and Thrift Committee includes two members who help monitor the plan implementation and pension funds investment of the SEIU Local 503, OPEU staff

Pension & Thrift Committee
Staff Advisor: Linda DeLauder, w/ staff: Aurora Lang, Marty Childs, Joe Digman
Steve Demarest Employment Portland
Mary Stewart Dept of Revenue Eugene

Retirement Plan.

Fight Contracting Out Committee
is charged with developing expertise in how to fight privatization and acts as a rapid response team to assist in fighting any contracting out efforts.

Fight Contracting Out Committee
Staff Advisor: TBD


Special Councils

Women’s Council plans conferences and institutes information, research, and lobbying programs that address issues of particular interest to the women of our union. This committee is comprised of members and a Chairperson appointed by the President and approved by the Board.

Women’s Council
Staff Advisor: Anandi van Diepen-Hedayat
Sherri Arias HCW K Falls
DiDi Crellin HCW K Falls
Latosha Dyson-Ridge HCW Portland
Alisha Goodwin DOJ Salem
Khanda Jubbary DHS/OHA Tigard
Theodora Ko Thompson OU Eugene
Dianna LaChance Janowski DCBS Salem
Kimberlye McDowell HCW Lebanon
Nancy Padilla Retirees S. OR Coast
Alice Redding HCW Rainier
Catherine Stearns Retirees Corvallis
Lora Sylvester OSU Corvallis/Lebanon
Abyssinia Trent AFH Keizer
Sharronne Vincent HCW Columbia Co
Brittany Williams HCW Portland
Sunflower Folkins NH Medford
Rhonda Morgan DHS/OHA Salem
Joy’e Willman HCW Portland
Michele Ford DHS/OHA Salem
Natalie Jackson CC Ashland
Coquille Rex OSU Covallis
Erin Selvey City of Springfield Springfield
Joy Vegar HCW Coos Bay/N Bend


Special Committees

A Special Committee is a committee established by General Council or the Board for a specific purpose on a temporary basis, with its duration determined by the Board.

Ad Hoc Climate Change
(New 1.13.2019)
Staff Advisor: Ben Morris
Twila Jacobsen LCOG Eugene/Springfield
Austin Folnagy Employment K Falls
Lois Yoshishige UO Eugene
Carolynn Kohout HCW Hillsboro
Natalie Jackson CC Ashland
Mike Powers Dept of Ag Salem
Adam Korst City of Beaverton Beaverton


Building Committee
Staff Advisors:  Beth Moore, Sharon Brogan, Mike Bray (PERU)
Dan Smith OHS Salem
Joy’e Willman HCW Portland