SEIU 503 members come together in many different ways to enrich our Union, run its operations or advise the Board of Directors. Joining a committee is a great way to get more involved in the work of SEIU 503.

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The committee plans a biennial stewards’ conference, monitors steward training, and assists with lists, selection and replacement language, and development of councils and other steward networks. Learn more about becoming a steward.
Stewards Staff Advisors: Mandy Dye, Troy Barnard and Andrew Lucas
Co-Chair Micki Varney ODFW Salem
Co-Chair Patty Falkenstein HCW/PSW Portland
Rhonda Morgan DHS Salem
Eric Warner DHS Seaside
Robin Gilbert OYA Grants Pass
Aidan Bammes Marion County Salem
Jo Hickerson EOU LaGrande
Rebecca Hernandez Avamere Sherwood
Michelle Lee Dawson Avamere Eugene
Nannette D. Carter-Jafri HCW/PSW Portland
Heath Curry HCW/PSW Gresham
Lori Eaton HCW/PSW Yachats

Civil and Human Rights Committee promotes and monitors the union’s commitment to equal employment opportunity and administers the African/American, Asian/Desi/Pacific Islander, Indigenous, Latinx, and Lavender (LGBTQA+) caucuses to build a strong power base for pursuing issues of cultural diversity. Get in touch by emailing us at 
Civil and Human Rights Staff Advisors:  Courtney Graham & Maria Chavez Torres
Evan Berrs DHS Salem/Albany Lavender Caucus
Nathaniel Boehm Vet Affairs Portland Lavender Caucus
Lindsay Melton DHS Eugene Indigenous Peoples' Caucus
Margaret Seltzer OSH Junction City Indigenous Peoples' Caucus
Carmen Mayoral Arnbrister DHS Beaverton Latinx Caucus
Tammy Tate-Houdroge HCW/PSW Portland Women of Color Caucus
Gina Esqueda DHS Medford Latinx Caucus
Renee Watson Taylor HCW/PSW Portland Women of Color Caucus
Alverda McCoy HCW/PSW Portland AFRAM
Juliet Greta Kabukuor Okunor Childcare Gresham AFRAM
Thuy Huyen PSU Portland ADPI
Theodora Ko Thompson UO Eugene ADPI
Joy Vegar HCW/PSW Lakeside Women's Council
Caucuses of the C&HR Committee
Lavender Caucus Email: Chairs: Greg Ivers and Temari Asazuki Staff Advisors: Emily Sokolski & Kyndall Mason
AFRAM Caucus Email: President:  Ibrahim Coulibaly VP: Tammy Tate-Houdroge Staff Advisors: Nima Mohamed & Brian Dunnaville
Latinx Caucus Email: Chair: Ivonne Rivero Staff Advisor: Gabe Holguin & Belinda Ochoa
Indigenous Peoples Caucus Email: Chairs: Paula Pena and Nannette "D" Carter-Jafri Staff Advisor: Nicthé Verdugo
Asian, Desi & Pacific Islander Caucus Email: Chair: Theodora Ko Thompson Staff Advisor: Meng Chen and Andrew Kung
Womxn of Color Caucus Email: Chairs: Emily Wang, Tammy Tate-Houdroge, Paula Pena – Vice-Chairs: Nannette D. Carter-Jafri, Theodora Ko Thompson – Treasurers: Hismelia Cartier, Ivonne Rivero – Secretary: Temari Asazuki, Renee Watson-Taylor Staff Advisor: Luci Whitesell
Veterans' Caucus Email: Staff Advisors: Francesca Edmonds and Matthew Wilson
Membership Advantages Committee recommends Board action on benefit programs, policy positions on insurance programs, and maintenance, betterment, and promotion of workers’ compensation benefits.
Membership Advantages Staff Advisor: Rebecca Kozisek
Lee Erickson ODOT Portland
Fatoumata Blakely AFH Salem
Josefina Riggs HCW/PSW Redmond
Saffa Sartie HCW/PSW Springfield
Riemer Mark Miedema OSU Keizer
Latoia Cash HCW/PSW Vancouver
Paula Pena Dept. of Education Salem
Women’s Council plans conferences and institutes information, research, and lobbying programs that address issues of particular interest to the women of our union. This committee is comprised of members and a Chairperson appointed by the President and approved by the Board.
Women's Council Staff Advisor: Anandi van Diepen-Hedayat
Co-Chair Ivonne Rivero HCW/PSW Portland
Co-Chair Stephanie Prentiss UO Eugene
Sara Clark UO Eugene
Carolyn Wirfs SOU Jacksonville
Alexandra Bautista DHS/OHA Beaverton
Theodora Ko Thompson OU Eugene
Heidi Hansell Linn County Albany
Megan Cohen City of Beaverton Beaverton
Kelly Yoshioka Avamere Tigard
Mykal Bruno OSLP Springfield
Stephanie Schroeder OSLP Eugene
Kelsey Gleeson DHS Salem
Mariana Praschnik-Enriquez Dept. of Education Salem
Susan Mundell PERS Hubbard
Tina Fowler OSH Salem
Bianca Bates EOU Elgin
Rhonda Morgan DHS/OHA Salem
Joy'e Willman HCW Portland
Malika Edden Hill OHA Portland
Noemi Osorio HCW/PSW Gresham
Vivian Regalado HCW/PSW Portland
Allison Varga OHA Beaverton
Joy Vegar HCW Coos Bay/N Bend
Hope Yamasaki HCW/PSW Portland
Temari Asazuki HCW/PSW Portland
Reigna Rushford DHS Astoria
Nancy Diamond Retiree Beaverton
Staff Screening Committee collects and reviews applications, conducts interviews and makes recommendations to the Executive Director or Department Supervisor.
Staff Screening Staff Advisors: Maureen Crawford & Mariko Yoshioka
Co-Chair Angelica Ceja Ochoa OSH Salem
Co-Chair Ron Strle Prestige Hood River
Theodora Ko Thompson UO Eugene
Catherine Stearns Retiree Corvallis
Sally Baudoin Avalon Springfield
Hismelia Carter DHS Keizer
Stacy Hinojosa DHS Grants Pass
Chaz Dutoit HCW/PSW Eugene
Steve Green HCW/PSW Florence
Inge Gill HCW/PSW Salem
Nick Sloss UO Eugene
The Climate Justice Committee advocates for a green jobs future.
Members Staff Advisor: Jay Parasco
Co-Chair Twila Jacobsen Retiree Eugene
Co-Chair Lois Yoshishige UO Eugene
Austin Folnagy Employment Vida
Carolynn Kohout HCW Hillsboro
Aislyn Matias PSU Beaverton
Adam Mohr ODFW Roseburg
Mike Scott ODOT Beaverton
Samhita Dixit WOU Monmouth
Ethan Leiby Marion County Salem
Laura Tesler ODFW Salem
Adam Korst City of Beaverton Beaverton
Union Finance Committee develops plans for adequately financing the union, presents an annual budget to the Board, and regularly reviews the fiscal operation of the union.
Finance Committee Staff Advisor: Melissa Unger
Chair Mary Stewart Revenue Eugene
Theo Ko Thompson UO Eugene
Rebecca Sandoval HCW/PSW Medford
Taylor Bacon Parry Center Portland
Carl Nolte AFH Bend
Joy'e Willman HCW/PSW Portland
Helen Moore EOU La Grande
Thuy Huyen PSU Portland
Ibrahim Coulibaly BOLI Junction City
Andrea Kennedy-Smith DHS Hillsboro
Cristal DeJarnac HCW/PSW Central Oregon
Colleen Martin Low SOU Prospect
Rules Committee promotes the consistency of rules as set forth in the Union’s Bylaws and Administrative Policies and Procedures, making recommendations to the Board on issues requiring clarification.
Rules Staff Advisors: Jared Franz and Emily Gothard
Chair Andrea Kennedy Smith DHS/OHA Hillsboro
Steve Demarest Employment Department Portland
Gina Esqueda DHS Medford
Evan Berss DHS Albany
Max Brown DHS Portland
Martin Ramirez DHS Medford
Bobbie Sotin HCW/PSW North Bend
Member Representation Committee recommends Board action on matters concerning negotiation and representation of employees, election appeals and recall elections, allegations of a breach of the union’s duty of fair representation, internal union disputes, and contract ratification procedures.
Member Representation Staff Advisors: Jared Franz and Emily Gothard
Chair Erin Selvey City of Springfield Springfield
Catherine Stearns Retiree Corvallis
Ehren Vaughn Employment Tigard
Guillermo Romero DHS Astoria
Terry Haydon HCW/PSW Corvallis
Member/Local Union Organizing Committee designs and supports programs in which members work on behalf of the union while on leave or release from their current employment. Get in touch with us via email at 
Member Local Organizing Staff Advisor: Vanessa Veselka
Chair Carmen Morales Arnbrister DHS Beaverton
James M Scanlan Employment Independence
Lee Erickson ODOT Portland
Stacey Seal CODA Woodburn
Robin Gilbert OYA Grants Pass
Adam Korst City of Beaverton Beaverton
Hardship Committee sets standards and criteria for local Hardship Committees for providing limited and short-term assistance to members.
Hardship Committee Staff Advisor: Keith Quick and Aaron Giesa
Chair Deanna Boylan DHS Grants Pass
Staphanie Prentiss UO Eugene
Michelle DeParrie DHS Portland
Kaitlyn Gekeler EOU LaGrande
Andrea Clark HCW/PSW Eugene
Michelle Wickliff Employment Portland
Patrick Kagwima Avamere Portland
Committee to Protect Injured Workers organizes, educates, and mobilizes around the issues of workers’ compensation, insurance, safety, and health.
Pension and Thrift Committee includes two members who help monitor the plan, implementation, and pension funds investment of the SEIU Local 503, OPEU staff retirement plan.
Pension and Thrift Committee Staff Advisor and Committee Chair: Linda DeLauder
Sarah Johnson SEIU 503 Ops Director Salem
Andrew Boeger SEIU 503 Researcher Salem
Aurora Lang SEIU 503 Finance Salem
Mike Powers SEIU 503 President Salem
Mary Stewart SEIU 503 Treasurer Eugene
Fight Contracting Out Committee is charged with developing expertise in how to fight privatization and acts as a rapid response team to assist in fighting any contracting out efforts.
Fight Contracting Out Committee Staff Advisors: Mike Filippelli Melissa Gustav
Chair Bernardo Tuma Dept. of Education Portland
Scott Conover OHA Salem
Angelica Ceja Ochoa OSH Aumsville
Nikola Davis Dept. of Justice Portland
Teresa Rodriguez Addus Eugene
James M Scanlan Employment Independence
Ronald Maes ODOT Happy Valley
Deffo Mebrat AFH Gresham
Saffa Sartie HCW/PSW Springfield
Operations Committee. Appointments TBD.
Code of Conduct Committee
Code of Conduct Committee Staff Advisors: Nima Mohamed & Mariko Yoshioka
Carmen Morales Arnbrister DHS Beaverton
Rhonda Morgan DHS Salem
Tammy Tate HCW/PSW Portland
Theodora Ko Thompson UO Eugene
Steve Demarest Employment Department Portland
Ivonne Rivero HCW/PSW Portland
Lindsay Melton DHS Springfield
Taylor Bacon Parry Center Portland
Josefina Riggs HCW/PSW Redmond

Standing Committees

NOTE: President Mike Powers serves as a non-voting ex-officio member of all Standing Committees. (Bylaws Article XIV, section 1 (f))

Union Finance Committee

Rules Committee

Member Representation Committee

Stewards’ Committee

Climate Justice Committee

Standing Committees by AP&P

Membership Advantages Committee

Staff Screening Committee

Civil and Human Rights Committee

Member/Local Union Organizing Committee

Hardship Committee

Committee to Protect Injured Workers

Pension and Thrift Committee

Fight Contracting Out Committee

Special Councils

Women’s Council  

Universal Health Care Committee: Wes Brain (Chair), Emily Wang, Ivonne Rivero, Steve Demarest, Nadine Sando, Joy’e Willman, Max Brown, Twila Jacobsen, Mike Powers (ad hoc).