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By joining and maintaining your membership with SEIU Local 503, the following benefits are available to you.

Membership Advantages Open Enrollment
October 1, 2021 through October 31, 2021

Open Enrollment is the time of year you can purchase life, short term disability, legal insurance, and discounted Life Flight Network membership for coverage beginning January 1, 2022. Completed enrollment forms must be received no later than October 31, 2021. Benefit Elections can only be changed or canceled during an Open Enrollment period or with a qualified status event. Learn More.


  • $2,500 life insurance policy paid for by your union, SEIU Local 503. This policy is in effect if you are an active member.
  • Up to $200,000 of additional life insurance can be purchased. Up to $100,000 member life, $40,000 spouse and $10,000 child is guaranteed within the first 90 days of new union.
  • Short Term Disability insurance is guaranteed if purchased within the first 90 days of new union membership.
  • Legal insurance enrollment is available to purchase within the first 90 days of new union.

To enroll, download a copy of the 2021 Membership Advantages Handbook. Complete the enrollment forms and return them to SEIU Local 503, PO Box 12159, Salem OR 97309, or email to or fax to 503-581-1664. New member enrollment forms for life, short term disability and legal insurance must be received by the Membership Advantages office within the first 90 days of new union membership.

  • Scholarships are available to members, their spouse/partners, children, and grandchildren.
    Scholarships are awarded based on financial need and scholastic ability. You must be a
    member for one year before you can apply. Application opportunities are available mid
    November through February for the following school year.
  • Additional benefits and discounts. Members are eligible for discounts through our exclusive Membership Advantages program. Discounts include FREE online college AT&T wireless, car rental, pet insurance, online shopping and more.

Membership Advantages Customer Service
1.844.503.SEIU (7348)