Eileen Ordway

Executive Director


Vote for Eileen Ordway

Reboot 503 for worker justice.  Worker justice is the foundation of social justice for all.  Help me bring 503 back to being a champion for workers because nobody puts workers in a corner.  Help me in making justice a standard we can be proud of for ourselves and others.  We have work to do to bring 503 back to being our champion challenging the disregard the state agencies have towards us.  The need to adapt to what is the present is crucial to have our beginnings be a foundation to build on. 503 has drifted from providing critical representation to all workers within the bargaining units.  Worker justice embraces diversity to make 503 strong and able to allow many differing opinions.  503 has many opportunities to demonstrate we can become the inclusive organization we claim to be.

Help get 503 back on track by voting for Eileen Ordway for Executive Director

Fear diverts our focus from rebooting 503 to give workers a union that is here for them.  The battle we have is the apathy within 503 towards our own future as change happens around us.  Our fight is for each other to have respect as we interact with those in the state agencies.  Our strength is the care we can have for each other.  Bringing our focus to worker justice through effective representation is the right course of action.  Fellow workers give me your vote and raise the level of respect we grow.