Lisa Walker

Sector 06: Local Government

My name is Lisa Walker and I work for Linn County. I am pursuing the Board of Director for Local Government position because I want to continue to support my union brothers and sisters at the 503 level. In the last two years, I have learned a lot on how our union runs between general councils as an assistant director for local government. My experience, knowledge, and support of the board helps lead our union with inclusion, diversity, respect, and the building of union power.
In the last two years, I have served our membership as the Assistant Director of Local Government and learned from my fellow board members the importance our leadership 503 wide. The last seven years, I have been active in our sub local as a member leader filling multiple roles as president, steward, chief steward, bargaining team delegate, and general council delegate. I have worked hard to educate and lead our members, fellow leaders, steward leaders and the community on the mission and vision of SEIU503.
Through covid our members have struggled in many ways. We have grown our resilience, passion, and compassion for each other as well as the people we serve. As a Union, we have evolved and changed to make sure we meet the needs of our members in a constantly changing work and political environment It is my desire to support SEIU503 through those continuing changes.
I want to continue working with the board and represent local government. It is important the smaller locals have a strong voice in the public sector to make sure our unique situations are addressed differently than the larger sub locals. We have similar but different needs sometimes and local politics play an important role in how we do our jobs and support our families and communities.
As a mother, partner, government worker, Girl Scout mom, LGBTQi+ person and advocate, protester, and Union Leader, it is my strong ambition to continue the growth of our union in this anti-union time.
It is an honor to be considered for the position of Local Government Assistant Director. It would be a privilege to work with and of behalf of each of you.