This year Democrats, Republicans, businesses, and health advocates like SEIU and the AARP came together to pass the Oregon Healthcare Protections bill. The bill protects healthcare for 350,000 Oregonians and keeps premiums low for another 250,000. This law brings us closer than ever before to ensuring that everyone has access to healthcare they can afford.

However, the progress we’ve made is at risk. A group of extremist legislators are trying to put the bill on the ballot.  This week they submitted signatures for Referendum 301, which would put the law up for a vote on a special election in January.

A YES vote would uphold the law, protecting healthcare for 350,000 and keeping low premiums for another 250,000 Oregonians. A NO vote would overturn the law, putting more than half a million Oregonians at risk.

This issue is particularly important for SEIU 503 members. Many of us receive our healthcare through the Oregon Health Plan, or we provide services to people who do. OHP members are at grave risk and we need to vote YES to protect them.

Healthcare should be a right, not a privilege. Please pledge to vote YES on Referendum 301 to protect healthcare in Oregon.