Members of SEIU 503 exercise power in numbers to stand up to unfair treatment on the job—whether that takes the form of supervisor mistreatment, discriminatory policies, unsafe working conditions or inadequate resources to provide top-notch services. Solidarity is the strongest tool we have as a union. When we show up together to fight for what is right, we win.

Much of our work extends beyond the workplace as well. We provide valuable services to our communities, representing over 500 jobs in 85 state, local government, non-profit agencies and care facilities. The services we provide include assisting at-risk youth, repairing bridges, providing access to education for the hearing impaired, collecting state revenue, maintaining Oregon’s parks, and providing support for children, seniors and people with disabilities — just to name a few. All these roles bring together more than 70,000 working Oregonians, and when we speak with one collective voice, we are impossible to ignore.

With many communities still struggling in the face of long-standing inequities and a growing gap between the wealthy and working families, our work is far from over when we leave the workplace. We envision a just and vibrant society, and by working together, we will create an Oregon where everyone can provide for themselves and their families.