This year SEIU 503 will elect more than 700 people to leadership positions across the state. As results from sub-local elections become available, they will be posted here. Results are posted in numerical order by sub-local number. Please reference the elections timelines to see when your sub-local ballots are due.


Sub-Local 592 – Central Oregon Irrigation District

January 28, 2020 

President: Jim England
VP: John Hargrove
Sec/Treasurer: Bob Schinkel
Steward – Patrolman – Head Gate Tender: Ryan Badley
GC Delegate: John Hargrove

Sub-Local 390 – Linn County

March 1, 2020 

President: Lisa Walker
Vice President: Nathan Tisdale
Secretary/Treasurer: Charles Luck
Chief Steward: Lisa Walker
Board Member: Holly Borba
Board Member: Acacia Schubert
General Council Delegate: Thomas Hussong-Christian

Sub-local 82 WOU

Election held March 10, with officers taking office May 1

President: Jackson Stalley
Vice President: Brian Palmer
Secretary: Sharyne Ryals

General Council Delegate: Teresa Pearson
Alt General Council Delegate: Dominic Annen
Bargaining Delegate: Richard Kavanagh
Alt Bargaining Delegate: Richard Chartier
Steward: Jacob Whisenhunt
Steward: Jackson Stalley
Steward: Jennifer Willard
Steward: Lucia Carrilb
Steward: Mike Hansen
Steward: Richard Kavanagh

Sub-local 83 OSU

March 16, 2020

President: Mark Dunbar
Vice President: Noah Robinson-McKay
Secretary: Jessica King
Treasury: Roxy Tacy
Chief Steward: Brady Esch
Membership Coordinator: Brady Esch
General Council Delegate: Andrew Struthers
General Council Delegate: Anne Gross
General Council Delegate: Benjamin Merrell
General Council Delegate: Bryan Feyerherm
General Council Delegate: Gloria O’Brien
General Council Delegate: Jessica King
General Council Delegate: Patrick Breshears
Bargaining Delegate: Gloria O’Brien
Bargaining Delegate: Mark Dunbar
Bargaining Delegate: Robert Keuneke

Sub-local 150 Revenue

March 20, 2020 
President: Tami Combs
Vice President: Lynnette Cromer (Jacobs)
Secretary: Nicholas Bassis
Treasurer: Bruce Davis
Local Council Representative, Field Offices: Judy Robertson
Local Council Representative, Property Tax Division: Colton Gruber
Local Council Representative, Admin Svs Division: Andrea Heywood
Local Council Representative, Business Division: Thorsten Geissler
Local Council Representative, Personal Tax  & Comp Division: Antonio Arechigo
General Council Delegate: Tami Combs
General Council Delegate: Nicholas Bassis
General Council Delegate: Lynnette Cromer (Jacobs)
General Council Delegate: Antonio Arechigo
General Council Alternate: Thorsten Geissler
General Council Alternate: Micheline Mosher
Bargaining Delegate: Tami Combs
Bargaining Delegate: Nicholas Bassis
Bargaining Delegate:  Lynnette Cromer (Jacobs)
Bargaining Delegate:  Mary Stewart

Sub-local 735 DMV

March 16, 2020

President: Colleen Jeffery
Vice President: Katherine Gile
Secretary Treasurer: Gail Boatman
HQ Chief Steward: Mark Shiller
FSG Chief Steward: David Spinn
Region Chief Steward: Katherine Gile
Region Chief Steward: Dianna Peggy/Howard Honeycutt
Region Chief Steward: Mark Schiller
Region Chief Steward: Aaron Arntson
Region Chief Steward: Shannon McGaughey
Region Chief Steward: Ron Maes
Region Chief Steward: Johanna Braziel
General Council Delegate: Dianna Honeycutt
General Council Delegate: Peggy Howard
General Council Delegate: Gail Boatman
General Council Delegate: Katherine Gile
General Council Delegate: Mark Schiller

Sub-local 543 State Library

President/G.C. Del: Elke Burton
Secretary/Treas/GC Alternate: Katherine Anderson
Steward: Joshua Ross Fuqua
Steward: Maximilian Waddell
Steward: Natalie Brandt

Sub-local 123 DOGAMI

President/General Council Del: Christina Appleby
Vice President: Nicholas Tatalovich
Secretary-Treasurer: Reneea Lofton
G.C. Alternate: Nancy Calhoun
Bargaining Delegate: Jon Allan

If you have questions regarding internal union elections please contact your organizer directly or call the Member Assistance Center at 1-844-503-SEIU (7348)