A smiling headshot portrait of SEIU member leader John Grimm
Sector 11

Adult Foster Homes: Assistant Director

John Grimm

Adult Foster Home Provider

John operates an Adult Foster Home, which he started doing after his wife came down with a rare brain disease.

According to John, “It was a way to take care of my wife and kids and help others in need while still making a living. After the first year of having a special neurological home, the State decided to cut funding for the our home almost in half, which would not allow me to continue to operate. With the help of my union, SEIU, not only did we avoid a funding cut, but the state actually gave us a funding increase! This really demonstrated to me the power of being part of a union…working people joining together to make our state a better place for all. I am proud to be part of SEIU Local 503. Our Union works together to bargain a fair contract for all, helping us work together to help each other. I am pleased and pleasantly surprised at the effort everyone goes to in making SEIU a safe place, where people can give their opinions even if they are different from others.”

In John’s free time he is an assistant scoutmaster and enjoys traveling, backpacking, hiking, kayaking, sailing and scuba diving.

Contact: grimmj@seiu503.org