Representation (102) 


Representing coworkers is a core function of being a worksite-based steward and for a lot of workers the first time they have interacted with the Union.  This course will cover steward rights and responsibilities, the basics of Weingarten and Garrity rights, investigatory interviews, professional workplace complaints, labor and employment law basics, and will give Stewards the resources and tools to get started in their new role. 




Section   Time  Learning Outcomes  Resources 
Welcome  5 Minutes   Introductions, Code of Conduct, Logistics  Code of Conduct  
Stewards Rights & Responsibilities   25 min  What rights are covered in the contract? What is the steward’s role?   


Representation (102) Steward Guide 


Weingarten and Garrity  30 min  What is Weingarten and Garrity and how do you navigate?  Representation (102) Steward Guide 


Investigatory Meetings  90 min  The Pre-Meeting.  The Interview.  The Debrief. The Guide. The Video.  Representation (102) Steward Guide 



Employer Policies  30 min   How does the contract intersect with policies?  Where do you find policies?