Published: December 21, 2018

2018-2020 Special Vice President Election Results

Vice President, Public Services: Andrea Kennedy-Smith


Candidate Statement

I have worked at the Department of Human Services, Child Welfare for nearly 12 years as a Paralegal.  I am passionate for the rights of workers to be treated fairly and to be able to come work in an environment free of fear.  My dedication for union work and having our voices heard is very strong. I am an active Chief Steward in Washington County and have assisted countless members, mentored stewards as well as provided ongoing support and guidance with difficult issues. I have been an active Secretary of Sub-Local 216 for a number of years. I am currently on the Child Welfare Planning Committee, giving members a strong voice and working on building a clear perspective of the issues and solutions that we would like to see with the Child Welfare system in Oregon, with a focus on making Child Welfare positions sustainable careers.

I completed the Member Leadership Development Program in 2014 and during that time I was able to phone bank and picket alongside our sister union SEIU 49 at McKenzie-Willamette Medical Center in Springfield.

As an experienced union leader, I have an unwavering commitment to strengthen our union, the confidence to stand alone if needed, and the courage to make difficult decisions. I am ready to continue the work of strengthening our union, bargaining good contracts and involving our members in every aspect of our union.

I bring dedication, dependability, the promise to be responsive to members, and to work hard making the best interests of our members a top priority. My commitment to you is to keep a member driven union with effective and strong leadership and to continue being someone who will commit to and be a voice for all members. We need a member leader to lead our union on the right path. We need union leaders who understand the needs of the membership. It is time that we as a union, make a change. Members that are organized and empowered can achieve anything.

With your vote, I hope to offer that outlook and dedication as your Vice President and continue working as a strong advocate for all members.