Published: April 3, 2019

On Thursday, March 28 our state worker elected Central Table Bargaining Team met with management to exchange the last of our initial proposals. Our proposals reflect what membership has told us: it’s time for meaningful raises after years concessions for budget shortfalls that were out of our control. Yet still, with potentially the largest salary pot we’ve seen in recent history, management feels it’s appropriate to offer state workers less than the current contract. Take a look at the chart below for a comparison:


Our Union Proposal

Management’s Proposal

Term of Agreement

  • 2-year term expiring 6/30/21
  • 4-year term expiring 6/3/23
  • Economic re-opener 6/30/21

Cost-of-living adjustments (COLAs)

  • 7/1/19 – 5 percent
  • 7/1/20 – 5 percent
  • 7/1/19 – 1.68 percent
  • 7/1/20 – 1 percent
  • No COLAs guaranteed in years 3 and 4


  • 2 additional steps added to each salary range
  • Steps in every year of the contract
  • Steps in year 1 and 2
  • No guarantee of steps in years 3 and 4

Health Insurance

  • No increase to health insurance premium share rates for duration of contract
  • Status quo on health insurance premium share rates for years 1 and 2
  • Bargain premium share rates for years 3 and 4


  • All workers “topped out” for more than 12 months will get a step on 7/1/19
  • No proposal

Salary Floor

  • Create full salary ranges for our lowest-paid workers who are in ranges with fewer than 9 steps
  • No proposal

Management said their proposal is based on the current economic situation, and it could improve if revenue increases during the legislative session. It’s clear to us that in order to win the contract we deserve, we must:

  1. Show management we’re united at the worksite by purpling up and taking unity breaks as often as possible.
  2. Join our fellow union members and allies for the May 20 United for a Better Oregon Rally in Salem to show legislators just how serious we are about raising revenue.

Though we believe management’s proposal is simply too low given the current economy, it is absolutely true that we need revenue reform in order fund the contract that SEIU members deserve. Register for the May 20 United for a Better Oregon rally today.