Published: April 18, 2022

This year SEIU 503 will elect more than 700 people to leadership positions across the state. As results from sub-local elections become available, they will be posted here. Results are posted in order they are finalized. Please reference the elections timelines to see when your sub-local ballots are due. Results may be listed as pending if there are ties or pending acceptance by the elected member.

State Agencies

Oregon Housing & Community Services (OHCS) – Sub-local 108

Published April 28, 2022, updated April 29, 2022

President: Sarah Mentzer
Vice President: Erica Baumann
Secretary: Leann Knapp
Treasurer: Martin Jarvis
Bargaining Delegate: Timothy Mahern-Macias

Department of Fish & Wildlife (ODFW) – Sub-local 109

Published April 22, 2022, updated April 29, 2022

President: Michelle Jones
Vice President: Angela Ward
Secretary-Treasurer: Steve Emerson
Chief Steward: Micki Varney
General Council Delegate: Chris Rodriguez, Darlene Sprecher, Steve Emerson
General Council Alternate: Micki Varney
Bargaining Delegate: Angela Ward, Steve Emerson, Darlene Sprecher
Bargaining Alternate: Kacie Welch, Eric Ollerenshaw

Department of Geology and Mineral Industries – Sub-local 123

Published April 27, 2022

President: Nick Tatalovich
Vice President: Vaughn Balzer
Secretary-Treasurer: ReNeea Lofton
Bargaining Delegate: Vaughn Balzer
General Council Alternate: Lowell Anthony

Department of Administrative Services – Sub-local 125

Published April 28, 2022

President: Steve Walsh
Vice President: Jeni Hall Peel
Treasurer: Elaine Schacher
Bargaining Delegate: Elaine Schacher, Jeni Hall Peel, Steve Walsh
Steward: Elaine Schacher, Jeni Hall Peel, Steve Walsh

Department of Justice – Sub-local 137

Published April 28, 2022

President: Kathy Lamar
Vice President: Renae Bracken
Secretary: Amanda Berends-Plassmeyer
Treasurer: Alisha Goodwin
Regional Representative: Eastern Oregon: Craig Downer
Regional Representative: Eugene/Springfield: Chrissy Slaven
Regional Representative: Portland: Breann Johnson
Regional Representative: Southern Oregon: Ethan Kane
General Council Delegate: Moira Reynoldson, Alisha Goodwin, Jasmine Snyder, Renae Bracken, Breann Johnson
Bargaining Delegate: Kathy Lamar, Craig Downer, Renae Bracken, Sarah Wiley
DCS Labor Management – Position 2: Kathy Lamar
DCS Labor Management – Position 4: Violet Hendricks

Department of Revenue – Sub-local 150

Published April 26, 2022, updated April 27, 2022

President: Tami Combs
Vice President: Lynn Jacobs
Secretary: Thorsten Geissler
Treasurer: Sarah Rosenau
At-Large Local Council Representative: Sarah Rosenau, Micheline Mosher, Tom Prislac
General Council Delegate: Bryce Simmons, Lynn Jacobs, Tami Combs
Bargaining Delegate: Derek Gorin, Lynn Jacobs, Tami Combs, Thorsten Geissler

Treasury Department – Sub-local 170

Published April 22, 2022

President: Tyler Bernstein

Secretary-Treasurer Aadrial Phillips

Bargaining Delegate: Tyler Bernstein

General Council Delegate: Tyler Bernstein
Steward: Scott Robertson, Ryan Auclair

Oregon Department of Human Services and Oregon Health Authority – Sub-Locals 200-220 

Published April 22, 2022

Statewide Offices:

President: Andrea Kennedy-Smith

Vice President (ODHS): Deanna Boylan

Vice President (OHA): Emily Wang

Secretary: Wayne Ground

Treasurer: Rachelle Mullins

Click here to view results for sub-locals 201-220. 

Health Licensing Boards & Commissions – Sub-local 333

Published April 26, 2022

President: Maria Parish
Vice President: Tiffany Gates
Secretary-Treasurer: Molly Taube

Oregon State Hospital – Sub-local 392

Published April 27, 2022, , updated April 29, 2022

President: Katherine Hays
Vice President: Junction City: Doc Holliday
Vice President: Salem: Jesse Rodriguez
Secretary: Wendy Compton
Treasurer: Randy Davis
Member at Large: Junction City: Lindie Nelson
Member at Large: Salem: Tina Jensen
Steward: Junction City: Doc Holliday, Jocelyn Arsenault, Lindie Nelson, Manfred Olsen, Melissa Smith, Nick Pierce, Ronald Aldous
Steward: Salem: Aaron Surette, Adam Weinberg, Alex Ellison, Andrew Manibusan, Angie Ceja Ochoa, Audrey Morgan, Brad Kimsey, Brett Muzzy, Brittany Sherman, Charlie Horton, Chuck Porter, Corey Iv, Corrie Gordon, Dan Smith, David Leaton, Evan Relf, Jamie Heitz, Jennifer Cash, Jerid Lisher, Jesse Rodriguez, Johnny Budiel, Katherine Hays, Kathryn Hubbard, Kevin Richey, Kim Thoma, Kristy Dees, Marissa Shoemaker, Randy Davis, Scott Walliman, Shammy Nelson, Tammi Blake, Tasha Potter, Tiffany Beckman, Tina Jensen, Wendy Compton
Bargaining Delegate: Katherine Hays, Kim Thoma, Randy Davis, Wendy Compton
Bargaining Alternate: Tina Jensen, Angie Ceja Ochoa, Tasha Potter, Jamie Heitz, Brad Kimsey, Manfred Olsen, Brett Muzzy
General Council Delegate: Angie Ceja Ochoa, Corey Iv, David Leaton, Jamie Heitz, Jennifer Cash, Jerid Lisher, Kim Thoma, Lindie Nelson, Shammy Nelson
Further results pending.

Pendleton Cottage – Sub-local 393

Published April 26, 2022, updated April 28, 2022

President: Joe Dyer
Vice President: Dave Oles
Secretary-Treasurer: Amanda Emery
Bargaining Delegate: Joe Dyer
General Council Alternate: Rene Lopez

Oregon Youth Authority – Sub-Local 415

Published April 27, 2022, updated April 28, 2022

President: Doug Dryden
Vice-President: Ben Moul
Secretary-Treasurer: Debbie Shook
Chief Steward: Debra Mitzel, Derrick Ingram
General Council Delegate: Janet Ferris, Derrick Ingram, Debra Mitzel, Doug Dryden
Bargaining Delegate: Doug Dryden, Janet Ferris, Debbie Shook

Department of Consumer and Business Services – Sub-local 440

Published April 23, 2022, updated April 25, 2022

President: Dianna Lachance Janowski
Vice Presidents: Jan Vitus, Stan Fields, Mikaela Polk, Kim Ritts, James VanderZanden, David Bolton
Secretary: Pang Thao
Treasurer: Chiara Gardin
Bargaining Delegates: Tracy Thompson, David Mohrman, Mikaela Polk
Stewards: Jeff Green, Tracy Thompson, Stan Fields, James VanderZanden, Jan Vitus, Jeff Wilson, Garilee Brown, Chiara Gardin, Mikaela Polk, David Mohrman, Anthony Estrada, Lee Milholland, Phil Jensen, Dianna Lachance Janowski, David Bolton, Khadija Mostafa, Sarah Graser (remaining steward positions pending resolution of ties and/or acceptance of write-ins)
General Council Delegates: James VanderZanden, David Mohrman.
General Council Alternate: Tracy Thompson

PERS – Sub-local 459

Published April 22, 2022, updated April 26, 2022

President: Susan Mundell
Vice President: Peter Nielsen
Secretary: Margaret Murphy
Treasurer: Judy Dong
Chief Steward: Mary Lang
Executive-Members-at-Large: Catherine Egan, Latifa Salinez, Liz Saufley, Maida Mechanic, Kimberly Johnson
General Council Delegate: Susan Mundell
General Council Alternate: Peter Nielsen
Bargaining Delegate: Peter Nielsen, Susan Mundell
Steward: Cheryl Prentice, Dee Monday

Employment Department – Sub-local 471

Published April 27, 2022, updated April 28, 2022

President: Kathleen Olson
Vice President: Tia Fraser
Secretary: Heidi Johnstone
Treasurer: Susan Daugherty-Flynn
Chief Steward: Caroline Martinez
General Council Delegate: Austin Folnagy, Joe Milazzo, Tia Fraser, Jody Carter, Carlos Martinez, Pamela Thompson, Brian Thaden
Bargaining Delegate: Austin Folnagy, Aidan Kolar, Brian Thaden, Joe Milazzo, Brandon Vanburger
Section Officer- Central Office: Brian Thaden
Section Officer- North Region: Saje Clunas
Section Officer- South Region: Brandon Vanburger
Section Officer- Tax: Julie Bond
Section Officer- UI Centers – except OAH – and Employees: Rebekah Talley
Section Officer- East Region: Kris Blair
Section Officer- Office of Administrative Hearings (OAH): Ehren Vaughn

Oregon State Library – Sub-local 543

Published April 26, 2022

President: Arlene Weible
Secretary-Treasurer: Cam Amabile
Steward: Greta Bergquist, Max Waddell, Ross Fuqua

Higher Education Coordinating Commission (HECC) and Office of Student Access and Completion (OSAC) – Sub-local 575

Published April 28, 2022

President: Kristin Vreeland
Vice President: Stephanie Solomon
Secretary-Treasurer: Lori Ellis

Department of Education – Sub-local 581

Published April 26, 2022

President: Troy Duker
Vice President: Kaki Marshall, Kathryn Wagner, Michael Connor
Secretary: Melanie Martin
Treasurer: Paula Pena-Urenda
General Council Delegate: Bernardo Tuma, Paula Pena-Urenda
Bargaining Delegate: Bernardo Tuma, Jeanie Mattes Stuntzner, Kaki Marshall

Teacher Standards and Practices Commission – Sub-local 584

Published April 26, 2022

President: Cristina Edgar
Vice President: Jon LaFollette

Commission for the Blind – Sub-local 585

Published April 22, 2022

President: Tyler Emmott
Vice President: Sheila Spencer
Secretary-Treasurer: Alissa Tinnon
Bargaining Delegate: Tyler Emmott
Steward: Orion Lumiere, Derek Hill

Department of Agriculture – Sub-local 603

Published April 27, 2022

President: Max Ragozzino
Vice President – Salem: Michael Williams
Chief Steward: Roberta Rash

Forestry – Sub-local 629

Published April 22, 2022

President: William Bennett
Vice President: Whitney Vandewiele
Secretary: Dessia Shank
Treasurer: Peter Kaiser

Water Resources – Sub-local 690

Published April 22, 2022, updated April 29, 2022

President: Phil Marcy
Secretary: Arla Davis
Treasurer: Rich Marvin
Bargaining Delegate: Linda Walker
Steward – Water Resources: Chloe Elliott, Corey Courchane, Kerri Cope, Kimberly French
Steward – OR Watershed Enhancement Board (OWEB): Audrey Hatch
Local Organizer: Mindy Cordsen
Newsletter Editor: Scott Grew

Department of Transportation (ODOT) – Sub-local 730

Published April 26, 2022

President: Lee Erickson
Secretary: Jill Eckenrode
Statewide Chief Steward: Philip Smith
Bargaining Delegate: Annie Simeonova, Justin Pope, Wesley Owen

Department of Parks and Recreation – Sub-local 733

Published April 28, 2022

President: Sarah Heinsohn
Vice President: Dave Padgett
Secretary: Ash Baugher
Bargaining Delegate: John Graham

Department of Motor Vehicles – Sub-Local 735

Published April 27, 2022

President: Aaron Arntson
Vice President: Colleen Jeffery
Secretary-Treasurer: Michelle Godin
General Council Delegate: Gail Boatman, Helen Alexeff, Katherine Gile, Lily Johnson, Mikki Morlue
Bargaining Delegate: Karen Cole, Katherine Gile, Michelle Godin
Statewide Field Services Chief Steward: David Spinn
Statewide HQ Chief Steward: Katherine Gile

Bureau of Labor & Industries – Sub-local 839

Published April 26, 2022

President: Ibrahim Coulibaly
Vice President: Amanda Bartenstein
Secretary: Esther Harlow
Treasurer: Katrina Johnson

Department of Veterans Affairs – Sub-local 274

Published April 28, 2022

President: Ryan Perkins
Vice President: Ian Michael
Secretary-Treasurer: Carol Clevenberg
General Council Delegate: Ryan Perkins

Higher Education

Eastern Oregon University – Sub-local 81

Published April 26, 2022, updated April 28, 2022

President: Darryl Nobles
Vice President: Helen Moore
General Council Delegate: Kate Gekeler
Steward: Darryl Nobles, David Gravener, Jo Hickerson, MJ Heather

Western Oregon University – Sub-local 82

Published April 26, 2022

President: Jackson Stalley
Vice President: Amanda Bales
Secretary-Treasurer: Sharyne Ryals
General Council Alternate: Heather Gonzalez, Teresa Pearson

Oregon State University – Sub-local 83

Published April 28, 2022

President: Mark Dunbar
Vice President: Jessica King
Secretary: Kate Birney
Treasurer: Roxy Tacy
Chief Steward: Patrick Breshears
Membership Coordinator: Deb Carroll
General Council Delegate: Tracey Jastad, Gloria O’Brien, Andrew Struthers, Jessica King
Bargaining Delegates: Patrick Breshears, Mark Dunbar

Southern Oregon University – Sub-local 84

Published April 27, 2022

President: Rachel Gibbs
Vice President: Sage TeBeest
Secretary: Helen Eckard
Treasurer: Mary Katie Brown
General Council Delegate: Braith Birchhall

University of Oregon – Sub-local 85

Published April 22, 2022, updated April 27, 2022

President: Stephanie Prentiss
Vice President: Johnny Earl
Secretary: Jenn Smith
Treasurer: Sam Galli
Chief General Council Delegate: Theo Ko Thompson
General Council Delegates: Beth Robinson, Cims Gillespie, Jimmy Murray, Kayla Kemp, Lauradel Collins, Leigh Roberts, Louie Vidmar, Ruby Thompson, Sam Galli, Susan Osterman
General Council Alternates: Jason Stone, Mike Barr
Chief Steward: Nick Sloss
Stewards: Bret Jensen, Chuck Theobald, Gary Malone, Jenn Smith, Jerimiah Igou, John Taylor, Johnny Earl, Kristy Larson, Lauradel Collins, Louie Vidmar, Mike Barr, Mohamed Mounir, Ruby Thompson, Stephanie Prentiss, Theo Ko Thompson, Toni Campbell, additional write-in results pending acceptance.
Chief Contact: Ruby Thompson
Membership Organizer: Marty Hurst
Newsletter Editor: Theo Ko Thompson
Strike Hardship Committee Members: Beth Robinson, Johnny Earl, Lauradel Collins, Louie Vidmar, Nick Sloss, Stephanie Prentiss, additional write-in results pending acceptance.

Portland State University – Sub-local 89

Published April 22, 2022

President: Alex Segura
Vice President: Danny Ryel
Secretary: Xavier Oberlander
Treasurer: Darrow Omar
General Council Delegate: Angela Lyle, Brian Myers, Mary Muhly

Oregon Institute of Technology – Sub-local 90

Published April 27, 2022

President: Darryn Stevens
Chief Steward: Brian Fisher


Care Providers

Addus – Sub-local 98

Published April 27, 2022

President: Lorna Burnell
Eugene Vice President: Stacy Heath
Medford Vice President: Donald Hitchcock
Ontario Vice President: Amanda Silence
Secretary-Treasurer: Nicole Weiler
General Council Delegate: Lorna Burnell, Donald Hitchcock
Steward: Stacy Heath, Donald Hitchcock, Lorna Burnell, Amanda Silence, Elsa Quezada

Adult Foster Homes – Sub-local 858

Published April 22, 2022

President: John Grimm
Vice President: Jolynn Best
Secretary-Treasurer: Tom Johnson
Statewide Chief Steward: Sarah Ray
Adult Foster Home District 3 Council Director: Keli Baker
Adult Foster Home District 4 Council Director: Charlotte Kreftmeyer
Adult Foster Home District 6 Council Director: Net Guy
Adult Foster Home District 6 Council Assistant Director: Kim Steward
Adult Foster Home District 7 Council Director: Clay Stubblefield

Child Care – Sub-local 96

Published April 20, 2022, updated April 27, 2022

President: Amanda Contreras
Secretary-Treasurer: Leticia Huacal-Magana
Regional Outreach Coordinator Region 2 (South Valley): Marisol Espindola
Regional Outreach Coordinator Region 3 (Southwest): Jessica Bartel
Regional Outreach Coordinator Region 4 (Southern Oregon): Kim Cole
Regional Outreach Coordinator Region 6 (Multnomah & Clackamas Counties): Placida De Jesús Newborn

Homecare – Sub-Local 99

Published April 22, 2022

President: Rebecca Sandoval
Vice President: Joy’e Willman
Secretary-Treasurer: Patty Falkenstein
Homecare Chief Steward: Cristal DeJarnac
Personal Support Chief Steward: Phyllis Wills

Click here to view additional sub-local 99 homecare election results. 

Nursing Homes – Sub-local 97

Published April 29, 2022

Secretary-Treasurer: Jeri Simons
Chief Steward: Terri Siddoway
Chain Representative – Avamere-SNF: Alma Lopez, Sarah LeBrun
Chain Representative – Avamere-ALF: Jessica Bodle, Maretta Grimes
Chain Representative – EmpRes: Young Henderson
Chain Representative – HCSG: Jeri Simons, Lela Barnett
Chain Representative – Avalon: Taylor Mabie, Sally Baudoin
Chain Representative – Prestige: Ron Strle, Cindy Mayes


Local Governments

Portland Public Schools – Sub-local 140

Published April 22, 2022

Executive Co-Chair – Custodian: Jason McLeod
Executive Co-Chair – Nutrition Services: Amy Silvia
Secretary-Treasurer: Erin Sherry
Executive Committee Representative-at-Large – Custodian: Greg Meyers
Executive Committee Representative-at-Large – Nutrition Services: Roberta Packer
General Council Delegate: Chris Walters, Rae Schuman
General Council Alternate: Tim Banas

City of Beaverton – Sub-local 198

Published April 26, 2022

President: Adam Korst
Vice President: Megan Cohen
Secretary: MacKenzie Ross
Treasurer: Hannah McAllister
General Council Delegate: Kate Taylor, Wilson Munoz
General Council Alternate: Ben Henderson

City of Tigard – Sub-local 199

Published April 27, 2022, updated April 29, 2022

President: Jill Bentley
Vice President: Kyle Arnhart
Secretary-Treasurer: Cally Meldrum

Marion County Employees Association – Sub-local 294

Published April 29, 2022

President: Trish Straw
Vice President: Kristina Ballow
Treasurer: Diana Downs
Chief Steward: Eden Farias
General Council Delegate: Aidan Bammes, Diana Dickey, Michelle Roberts, Kristina Ballow, Trish Straw, Diana Downs

Linn County – Sub-Local 390

Published April 28, 2022

President: Nate Tisdell
Vice President: Vernon Mills
Secretary-Treasurer: Thomas Hussong Christian
Board Member: Holly Borba, Erin Nye
General Council Delegate: Lisa Walker

Josephine County Public Works – Sub-local 496

Published April 27, 2022

President: David Astry
Vice President: Ray Diaz
Secretary-Treasurer: Wayne Gann

Jackson County Employees Association – Sub-local 497

Published April 27, 2022

President: Melody Voskanian
Vice President: Amber Freitas
Secretary: Jen Watkins
Treasurer: Carolyn Anderson

Central Oregon Irrigation District – Sub-Local 592

Published April 28, 2022

President: Jim England
Vice President: Derek Bruce
Secretary-Treasurer: Nic Frost
Representative: Patrolmen/Head Gate Tender Shop Steward: Ryan Badley

Baker County – Sub-local 596

Published April 28, 2022

President: Troy Lepley
Vice President: Tyler Bowling
Secretary-Treasurer: Tara Micka
Steward: Tyler Bowling, Tara Micka

Coos Bay North Bend Water Board – Sub-local 697

Published April 27, 2022

President: Jason Mills
Vice President: Dhon Magalona
Secretary-Treasurer: Wanda Pickett

Basin Transit Services – Sub-local 777

Published April 27, 2022

President: Boyer Lievsay
Vice President: Laurie Finch
Secretary: Nikki Anderson
Treasurer: Thomas Wyland
General Council Delegate: Kenneth Weaver

Lane Council of Governments (LCOG) – Sub-local 908

Published April 22, 2022

President: Geoff Clark
Vice President: Tyler Pickering
Secretary-Treasurer: Cassie Estep
Steward: Brenda Lattion, Katie Collins, Sara Levine, Tyler Pickering

The Dalles City Employees Association – Sub-local 910

Published April 28, 2022

President: Jerry Johnson
Vice President: Bruce Borders
Secretary-Treasurer: Nathan Pope

City of Cannon Beach – Sub-local 921

Published April 28, 2022, updated April 29, 2022

President: Nissa McCarthy
Secretary-Treasurer: Lisa Habecker
General Council Delegate: Shawn Cole

Wallowa County Roads – Sub-local 923

Published April 28, 2022

President: Kelly Gomes
Vice President: Zackery Grover
Secretary-Treasurer: Kari Carper

City of Wilsonville – Sub-local 926

Curry County Employees Association – Sub-local 985

Published April 27, 2022

President: Amy Gaddis-Parker
Vice President: Christine Neil
Secretary-Treasurer: Wendy Carpenter
General Council Alternate: Lacey Young

Oregon Cascades West Council of Governments – Sub-local 937

Published April 28, 2022

President: Crystal Mohamed
Vice President: Ashley Bogue
Secretary: Erica Patten
Treasurer: Julianna Bell
Chief Steward: Tina Barton
General Council Delegate: Mandi Craig

City Of Pendleton – Sub-local 938

Published April 28, 2022

President: Heaven Doherty
Vice President: Lisette Uskoski
Secretary-Treasurer: Melissa Porter
Steward: Sherri Round, Kyle Willman

City of Springfield – Sub-local 995

Published April 26, 2022

President: Erin Selvey
Vice President: Steven Petersen
Secretary-Treasurer: Katrina Anderson
Chief Steward: Andy Limbird
Steward: Cara Kinsey, Charlie Kent, Erin Selvey, Katrina Anderson, Melissa Cariño, Steven Petersen, Taylor Worley


Private Non-Profits

Cascade Aids Project – Sub-local 501

Published April 29, 2022

Secretary-Treasurer: Peter Hybertsen
Executive Committee Member: Lif Bowers, Jose Diaz, Troy Preble, Adie Bovee, AB Provencher

Oregon Public Broadcasting – Sub-local 570

Published April 26, 2022

President: Ikesha Owens
Vice President: Catherine Switzer
Secretary-Treasurer: Lisa Kallem
General Council Delegate: Zia Laboff

Oregon Supported Living Program – Sub-local 902

Published April 27, 2022

President: Shaun Notdurft
Vice President: Stephanie Schroeder
General Council Delegate: Stephanie Schroeder

The Child Center – Sub-local 904

Published April 29, 2022

President: Jami Cartwright
Secretary-Treasurer: Christy Bednarsky
Chief Steward: Tami Clayton
General Council Delegate: Serina Collins
Steward: Serina Collins, Kendra Orr, Becca Cuniff, Jami Cartwright

Education NW – Sub-local 905

Published April 29, 2022

President: Jacob Williams
Secretary-Treasurer: Jeff Jones
General Council Delegate: Mark Workman
Membership Officer: Alyssa Vitale
Steward: Ashlie Denton, Jason Motamedi

Parry Center for Children – Sub-local 987

Published April 28, 2022, updated April 29, 2022

President: Kevin Dugan
Vice President: Haley Nisson
Secretary: Rae Farmer
Treasurer: Jay Coolman
General Council Delegate: Kevin Dugan
Steward: Taylor Bacon, Haley Nisson
Labor Management Committee: Rae Farmer, Haley Nisson, Kevin Dugan, Jay Coolman

Alvord Taylor – Sub-local 999

Published April 27, 2022

President: CeCe Cullmer
Vice President: Kristi Thayer
Secretary-Treasurer: Lori Mamer
General Council Delegate: Corey Coloma, CeCe Cullmer

Comprehensive Options for Drug Abuse (CODA) – Sub-local 963

Published April 29, 2022

President: Larry Mullins
Vice President: Rachael Chesbrough
Secretary-Treasurer: Stevie Rath


Retiree – Sub-local 001

Published April 22, 2022

Director (President): Twila Jacobsen
Assistant Director (Vice President): Barbara Casey
Secretary-Treasurer: Ann Montague
General Council Delegate: James Jacobson, Rosalie Pedroza, Rosanne Richard, Wes Brain
General Council Alternate: David Wells, Mary Lou Vignola

If you have questions regarding internal union elections please contact your organizer directly or call the Member Assistance Center at 1-844-503-SEIU (7348).