Published: November 22, 2017

After nearly four months of negotiations, our elected SEIU 503 Bargaining Team has reached a tentative agreement with Addus Healthcare on a new two-year Union contract! SEIU 503-represented Addus workers will receive tentative agreement information and their ratification ballots in the mail soon; a summary of the tentative agreement can also be found below.

We have power in numbers—we couldn’t have done this without providers joining together in our union. Providers made this contract possible by being members of our union, volunteering, and going to the State Capitol to advocate for Oregon families. We spent months communicating with our legislators to secure rate increases for Addus. Our bargaining team fought to ensure that Addus passed the rate increases on to us, and they have in a big way.

The more providers who become members of our union, the more power and resources we have to make improvements like this new contract! If you’re not already a member, please click here to join our union today!

Tentative agreement summary

Fair Wages to Recruit and Retain Quality Care Providers

Wage increases will be effective for all hours worked retroactive to  10/1/17:

Non-Portland Metro

New entry wage for Housekeeping: $11.00 (increased from $10.25)

New entry wage for Personal Care: $12.75 (increased from $11.75)

Portland Metro

New entry wage for Housekeeping: $12.25 (increased from $11.25)

New entry wage for Personal Care: $13.50 (increased from $11.75)

Additional wage increases will take place beginning 1/1/19

Travel Time

Mileage between clients and for errands shall be paid at $0.485 per mile.


Protected our current employer/employee contribution rates and current plan.

Term of Contract

Agreed to a two-year contract that expires August 31, 2019.

National Agreement

There were several non-economic articles that the National Addus/SEIU Agreement had better language for workers. We agreed to insert that language into our contract.