Published: July 5, 2017

We continue to make some progress on non-economic concerns while we wait for the state budget to be finalized. As you know, the State is facing a huge budget shortfall, and we are working hard to protect AFH providers and prevent cuts to our programs.

Highlights in our negotiations so far include:

  • An agreement from the State that they will modify OARs to allow providers to hire staff on a preliminary basis while they wait for background check approval. This will allow AFH providers to start supervised training of new staff immediately, instead of having to waiting 4-6 weeks to start someone due to the backlog in the background check system.
  • Transparency on which OARS you must follow if you have residents who fall outside your home licensing types (for example, which APD OARs a DD licensed provider is expected to follow if they accept an APD resident).
  • Improved transparency and information during abuse and neglect investigations, including the State’s responsibility to notify the provider of abuse or any allegations opened against them, and the nature of the investigation as legally required.
We are continuing to push on the following non-economic issues:
  1. A clearer and more consistent process for AMH providers to gain timely authorizations for their residents. This includes AMH providers receiving payment when authorization is delayed through no fault of their own (for example, when a delay or mistake is made by Kepro, OHA, the CCO, or the case manager).
  2. Improve the process for the period of time providers have to wait between a requested reassessment and its completion, especially when the resident requires increased staffing supports.
  3. Better language on what information people get about assessments, including initial and final versions.

Unfortunately, real revenue won’t move forward this session due to roadblocks put up by big corporations and Republican senators in the Legislature. We’re doing what we can to secure additional funding—including short-term revenue streams that can mitigate cuts and fund the best possible rates for providers.

The budget is expected to be finalized this week. Please make one last call and ask your legislator to raise revenue and stop the cuts. Click here to tell your representatives to pass a budget that supports AFH providers!

Please stay tuned for more information and continue to follow our progress through these important negotiations.