Published: May 22, 2024

April Verrett has been elected as the president of SEIU – a milestone that symbolizes the labor movement’s renewed dedication to embracing diversity and equity, and commitment to fighting systemic injustices. April’s ascent to the presidency of SEIU breaks barriers and sets a precedent for inclusive leadership. It signals to union members and the broader community that the voices of women and BIPOC communities are valued and needed at the highest levels of leadership.

April is renowned for her relentless advocacy for workers and what unions for all can achieve; she believes unions are powerful platforms for eradicating generational poverty, dismantling structural racism, strengthening democracy, and improving the overall well-being of workers and their communities.

Hailing from the South Side of Chicago, April’s union roots run deep – her grandmother served as a Union Steward for SEIU Local 46. April’s exposure to unions helped her develop a commitment to social justice and a belief in the transformative power of unions.

Before becoming SEIU president, April served as Secretary-Treasurer of SEIU, where she led our union’s strategic planning. Previously, her tenure as President of SEIU Local 2015, the largest local union in California and the nation’s largest long-term care union, was marked by her fierce advocacy for more than 400,000 long-term care providers.

As Executive Vice President of SEIU Healthcare Illinois and Indiana (HCII), April played a crucial role in holding corporations accountable and ensuring they paid their fair share of taxes. At the national level, she has chaired our union’s National Home Care Council, co-chaired the National Organizing Committee, and served on the Finance Committee, showcasing her wide-ranging influence and commitment to workers’ rights.

April brings a wealth of experience and a deep, personal understanding of the challenges faced by workers, particularly those from marginalized communities. Her conviction that diversity is a source of strength fuels her belief in the power of collective action. SEIU 503 members are excited to welcome April Verrett to her new position.