Published: October 23, 2020

Throughout the nation, many homecare and personal support workers do not have access to medical benefits. But here in Oregon—where homecare and personal support workers came together in their union to negotiate benefits with the State of Oregon—many care providers have access to health coverage!

Please see details below.

Get covered for 2021! Open Enrollment for 2021 health insurance plans on the Federal Marketplace is November 1 – December 15. Visit or call 1-844-503-7348 for more information.

I am currently receiving assistance paying for a Market place healthcare plan.

Great! It’s so good to see more people have access to healthcare plans. In order to keep you covered, you’ll need to renew your coverage for 2021 during Open Enrollment, between November 1 and December 15. The process has changed: you can now renew your medical insurance plan on our user-friendly Enrollment Platform at, or call 1-844-503-7348. Note that you will not be able to enroll until November 1.

I am uninsured or about to lose medical coverage.

We hope we can help you get covered. If you are currently uninsured, or about to lose medical coverage, Open Enrollment is the time to enroll into an insurance plan on the Marketplace. Cost assistance is available to eligible workers. Click here to check your eligibility or call 1-844-503-7348.

Healthcare is a human right at all times, but it’s especially important in this time of pandemic to be covered!

Please don’t delay. Check out or call 1-844-503- 7348 if you have any questions