Published: April 28, 2020

Over the last two weeks our Union has sent more than 700 SEIU members cash assistance, totalling more than $140,000. 

Make a contribution or apply for cash assistance here.

When COVID-19 hit we knew that many SEIU members would be experiencing financial hardship, whether it’s a spouse who lost their job, a homecare worker who lost their client, or a public employee forced to go on leave without pay. In times like these, we help each other out. That’s how we get through this crisis. 

Since we launched the Hardship Fund, individual SEIU members have donated more than $10,000 to help out. This outpouring of support is incredible. We want to thank each and every one of you for your support. 

Our sub-locals leaders – the elected officers who lead our Union – have also stepped up in a big way, contributing tens of thousands of dollars from their sub-local budgets. They also sent messages in about why they were stepping up. 

Rebecca Sandoval, Homecare 

“The homecare local is honored to support SEIU members in these challenging times. COVID-19 has shown us that we can’t go it alone. Together in Union we’re strong enough to overcome these challenging times.” 

Jackson County Employees Association 

“During this trying time we are with all the frontline workers who go to work to save lives and the employees who are staying home to stop the spread. We are happy to help workers with financial assistance for basic needs, for themselves and their immediate families, during this pandemic. You all play a valuable role in saving lives. We are stronger together!”

David Raco, Southern Oregon University 

“Sublocal 84 at Southern Oregon University in Ashland is pleased to contribute to the SEIU 503 COVID-19 hardship fund. We hope that our donation helps alleviate some of the pain of the COVID-19 pandemic for our union siblings affected by lost wages, family crisis, and future uncertainty. We are in this together.”

Natalie Jackson, Childcare 

Our Union, SEIU LOCAL 503, supports our members in times of fires, floods, strikes, layoffs, and now a pandemic of global proportion. Childcare 96 wants to step up to help our members make it through this time providing some economic relief and reassuring help from our Union. Together we Rise.