Published: March 17, 2021
Here’s the latest from the Human Services Coalition Bargaining Team, your member-elected representatives who negotiate on behalf of workers at DHS, OHA and the Oregon Employment Department.

On March 10 the bargaining team signed two tentative agreements with the State of Oregon. These agreements will carry forward existing Letters of Agreement (LOA), including:

  • DHS – Continuing the labor/management partnership around culture change and best practices in Child Welfare Services. Other than the modification in the title, this LOA remains the same. LOA 00.00-19-366. Page 85-86 of our current contract.
  • OED – Filling vacant seasonal positions 6 weeks prior to recalling tenured season employees. LOA 71.1C-17-302. Page 71 of our existing contract.
Currently, a total of five tentative agreements have been completed with the State of Oregon at the Human Services Coalition. The bargaining team is hard at work bargaining for our coalition, and we will continue to provide updates as we work – and win – for our future as state workers and as represented staff.

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