Published: January 8, 2020

All around the country, people are growing tired of an economy that only works for the rich and powerful. They’re fighting back by joining together in Union, because no matter where you work we are stronger together.

This week, Northwest Labor Press reported that workers at Portland-based Columbia Sportswear are organizing a union.

Union campaign at Columbia Sportswear, 

Justice for Janitors members in Miami are fighting to win higher wages and better working conditions for custodial workers in south Florida, including a recent protest outside Miami’s tallest building, the Southeast Financial Center downtown.

Commercial Janitors In Miami Fight For Higher Wages,

The editorial staff at Sports Illustrated went public with a union campaign this week.

The staff of Sports Illustrated, its newsroom ‘gutted,’ is planning to unionize,

Management at Grand Central Bakers in Portland have been accused of retaliating against employees for union activity

Is Grand Central Baking getting ready to fire union supporters?,