Published: September 19, 2017

We had our second bargaining session for the new Dakavia contract on Friday, September 15 and we made great progress.

We Tentatively Agreed (TAd) on two articles which means we only have Article 10 (Hours of Work) left plus Economics to negotiate. We look forward to wrapping up soon and appreciate Management’s movement and collaboration on a number of topics.Next negotiations are on Monday, September 22 and Friday, September 29. Please wear purple to show solidarity with your Bargaining Team and coworkers!

Here are some highlights!

  1. Seniority: We TAd (Tentatively Agreed) on Seniority. Management previously agreed to our language on workers applying and carrying their seniority between Dakavia facilities.We agreed on language related to loss of hours. If Bargaining Unit employees lose 2 shifts (or 15 hours) in a calendar month due to low census, our Union and the Employer agree to meet to discuss the impact of continuing hours being cut and addressing concerns around reduction and implementation of layoffs sooner than ninety days. We shall be notified of the need for such a meeting in writing 5 days prior to the posting of the new monthly schedule. Also, requires a timeline and notification for ongoing call-offs so as to give workers to the opportunity to better plan their lives. We are hoping to agree on this at our next negotiation session.

    This language will help us give Bargaining Unit workers more information and more options in anticipating their future hours.

  2. Bereavement Leave: We TAd (Tentatively Agreed) on Bereavement Leave. Management agreed to our proposal of Broader language on who is covered in the immediate family for Bereavement Leave which would not only include domestic partners but also same-gender couples.
  3. Article 10, Hours of Work: We made great progress on Article 10. Pathway to Agreement: Management heard our concerns about their proposed Mandation Language and agreed to withdraw that language.

We agreed on a 12 month period for Draws from Paychecks as well as the order in which filling shifts happen. We agreed that the employee may be requested to stay late after the employer has exhausted all options but will not be required. We also agreed on a guarantee of 4 hours minimum of work for Calls-Offs or the choice of 4 hours of pay.

What remains to be determined and agreed on in this article is the Shift Bonuses we proposed. Due to Central Table Bargaining still determining the money available to Dakavia, we have not yet been able to discuss this economic proposal in detail. However, we are hoping to do so on Monday, September 22.

What’s left? Once Central Table has concluded their negotiations, we will have a clearer picture on what money is available for Dakavia to negotiate between wages, shift bonuses, and changes to health care. A lot depends on what happens at Central Table. But we are hoping to move everyone to a yearly October 1 date for raises instead of two different dates. This will be more in line with the other ownerships and will be less confusing for workers.

Please stay tuned as we continue to make progress towards a finished contract. We are almost done and are counting on you, our coworkers to stay UNITED!

For more information about how to get involved and support your bargaining team, speak to the union stewards, bargaining team member or local CAT member in your facility or contact your SEIU organizer at 1.844.503.SEIU.

“Together we made our voices heard about the negative impact the Mandation language would have on our lives. Because we stuck together and were united, management heard us and withdrew their language. We’re getting closer to talking about economics and finishing the contract. Please stay updated and connected as we move forward!”

In Unity,
Your SEIU 503 Dakavia Bargaining Team