Published: July 6, 2018

Click here for ODFW Local 109 Constitution and Bylaws.

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President: Eric Ollerenshaw, Clackamas, 971-673-6039,,

Vice President: Jill Smith, Astoria, 503-325-2462,

Secretary/Treasurer: Whitney Rilette, Cedar Creek Hatchery

Chief Steward: Micki Varney, Salem HQ, 503-947-6237, 509-540-0563 (cell),,



HQ  Stewards:

James Reed, Salem HQ, 503-947-6016,,

Micki Varney (Chief Steward), Salem HQ, 503-947-6237 (office), 509-540-0563 (cell),,

North Coast District Stewards:

Chris Rodriguez, Astoria, 503-428-0518,,

Craig Maddux, Trask Hatchery, 503-842-4090,,

North Willamette District Stewards:

Eric Ollerenshaw, Clackamas, 971-673-6039,,

Matt Groza, Cascade Hatchery,541-374-8381,,

South Willamette District Stewards

Karen Hans, Corvallis, 541-757-4186 x 251, ,

John Day District Stewards:

Vacant – Call the nearest Steward to you

Grand Ronde District Stewards:

Owen Davis, La Grande, 541-962-3777,

Klamath District Stewards:

Nicole McDougal, Klamath Falls, 541-883-5732,,

Umqua District Stewards:

Vacant-Call the nearest Steward to you

Rogue District Stewards:

Vacant-Call the nearest Steward to you


Bargaining/General Council Delegates
May 2018-May 2020

General Council Delegates:

Eric Ollerenshaw-Clackamas

Alan Hansen-Salem

Chris Rodriguez-Astoria

James Reed-Salem

Micki Varney-Salem


General Council Alternates:

Noel Magee-Salem

Bargaining Delegates

Eric Ollerenshaw-Clackamas

Karen Hans-Corvallis

James Reed-Salem

Owen Davis-La Grande

Bargaining Alternate

Noel Magee-Salem

Jill Smith-Astoria


Labor Management

The ODFW Labor Management Committee meets quarterly throughout the year and for additional meetings on an as needed basis. A member may suggest a topic for a meeting by contacting any of the committee members.

Labor Management Ground Rules:  2017-2019 Ground Rules

What is a Labor Management Committee?

  • A process in which management and labor meet regularly to engage in information sharing, cooperative problem solving and/or decision making
  • A tool to improve labor-management relations
  • A vehicle for achieving a more productive workplace and a higher quality of work life

What it is NOT:

  • A substitute for collective bargaining and/or grievance process
  • A unilateral process
  • A sweetheart deal
  • A quick fix for the workplace
  • An end to conflict
  • An answer to all organizational problem

Labor Management Committee (Union):

Micki Varney-Salem HQ,
Eric Ollerenshaw-Clackamas,
Chris Rodriguez-Astoria,
Ann Kreager-Corvallis,
Meghan Dugan-Roseburg,
James Reed-Salem HQ,
Melissa Gustav-SEIU,