Published: June 11, 2019

The Oregon House of Representatives today passed the Oregon Public Worker Protection Act (HB 2016), which now advances to Governor Kate Brown for signature.

“With income inequality widening, the cost of living skyrocketing, and unprecedented attacks on unions, it’s a critical time to protect the rights of Oregon public workers,” SEIU Local 503 President Steve Demarest said. “This bill provides all public employees with basic protections to belong to a union and be free from employer retaliation.”

The Act codifies best practices for access to worksites, members, and lists; release time; unfair labor practices; and dues deductions for all public employees in Oregon. Currently, these collective bargaining provisions vary by contract, leaving employee groups without consistent protections and access to resources to function as a union.

“All workers should have time and space to belong to a union,” said Jackson County worker Kember Dollarhide. “As a health and human services worker, it’s important for me to know that I won’t be penalized by my employer for choosing to belong to a union and to bargain for a fair contract.”