Published: March 11, 2021

2021 is a bargaining year for more than 9 in 10 SEIU 503 members. Our next contracts will largely be determined by what the Oregon Legislature allocates in the state budget. Oregon’s budget is a long document filled with lots of large numbers. Your story humanizes what is essentially a big spreadsheet. You can help win a fair contract by sharing your story. 

When you’re ready, please record your story here (instructions are below):



Traditionally, we have lobby days where SEIU 503 members go to the Capitol, meet with lawmakers in person, and share our compelling stories. Due to the pandemic, we’re going digital for the foreseeable future. While it’s difficult to really connect with legislators through Zoom like we do in-person, this remote format is more accessible for members who otherwise couldn’t physically make it to Salem for a Lobby Day. We’re compiling short, 20-60 second videos of SEIU members sharing their stories and holding digital lobby days to help win a budget that will result in fair contracts for our members.

Here are some tips for developing your story:

  1. Make it personal. Explain the importance of what you do, the people you serve, and/or the impact of your job on your family or community. 
  2. We’re still weathering a public health and economic crisis. How has the pandemic impacted your work, your coworkers, or the need for your services? Why is now the time to invest in what you do?

Staff will compile member videos and post them to our website, social media, and/or send them directly to legislators. If you have any questions or need assistance, please contact Submitting your story is consenting to allow the use of your video, text, and image for the above-stated purposes. 

If you haven’t already, you can register for storytelling training here.