Published: April 26, 2018

The results are in for Nursing Homes Officer and General Council Delegate Elections. Ballots were counted on April 24th, 2018. Here are your elected officers for the following offices:


Secretary-Treasurer: Sally Winters

Chief Steward: Adam Schack

Avalon Chain Rep: Rachel Webb

Avalon Chain Rep: Sally Baudoin

Avamere-SNF Chain Rep: Alessa Straight

Avamere-SNF Chain Rep: Sam Browne

Avamere-ALF Chain Rep: Danielle Thompson

Benicia Chain Rep: N/A

Dakavia Chain Rep: N/A

HCSG Chain Rep: Julie Robinson

EmpRes Chain Rep: Young Henderson

EmpRes Chain Rep: Dana Sigsbee

Prestige Chain Rep: Ron Strle

Prestige Chain Rep: Sheryl Benson

GC 1: Kimberly Wells

GC 2: Tara Lockridge

GC 3: Jaime Raygoza

GC 4: Sequoia Hanson

GC 5: Renee Tetzloff

GC 6: Megan Bean

GC 7: Sherry Stafford

GC 8: Jennifer Almendarez

GC 9: Sunflower Folkins

GC 10: Suzan Vanorsow

GC 11: Donna Ferguson

GC 12: Jose Castro

GC 13: Terri Siddoway

GC 14: Omar Barba Benevides