Published: September 24, 2019

Our team spent a long day working hard to make progress at the bargaining table, and avoid having to go on strike. Unfortunately, it didn’t seem like that was management’s goal. 

Management made very little movement all day. The highlights? A small increase in their cost-of-living proposal in year two of the contract and an agreement to pay university workers the Portland minimum wage. Management has yet to put a proposal across the table on a top step, continuing to offer a small, one-time bonus to workers who are that top of their payscale (but still making below market wages), so far ignoring our proposal to recognize workers who have dedicated years to the universities by adding a new top step to each salary range. Yesterday we saw  yet another proposal that would triple the cost of a shift meal for some of our lowest paid workers – food service workers at the University of Oregon.

At the end of the night and with no real movement from management or indication that they were working with us to reach a settlement, we decided the next best move was to take a break from meeting with management until they’re ready to get serious about reaching a settlement. We plan to meet with them this weekend before we go on strike, and we let them know we’re ready to meet with them anytime this week if they show up with a serious proposal.

It’s clear that management is not taking our strike authorization seriously. Members voting last week overwhelmingly voted to authorize a strike, and management still did not come to the table in a way that indicated they want to settle before we go on strike. It’s time to make the message loud and clear that we are prepared to go on strike, if that is what is necessary. To sign up for a strike captain/strike readiness training, click the link or email the contact for your campus, below. These events are open to all members, having members trained on the logistics of the strike and how to support picket lines is a critical piece of strike readiness.

Summary of Economic Proposals

Union’s Proposals Management’s Proposals 
Wages 3% COLA December 1, 2019

3.25% COLA December, 2020

2% COLA November 1, 2019

2.25% COLA July 1, 2020

Steps Regular step increases each year of a 2-year contract

Add a step at the top and eliminate the lowest step of each salary range on 7/1/20; also eliminates steps 2 of SR 5-11, excluding 8B)

Regular step increases for 2 years of a 4-year contract 

No new steps for workers who are “topped out”; an $850 bonus in 2019 for workers at the top of their scale as of June 30, 2018.

Delete steps on January 1, 20 that are below the Portland minimum wage (Steps 1 & 2 of SR 5-11, deletes only step 1 of SR 8B)

Healthcare Current contract language Current contract language
Retirement Current contract language Current contract language
Vacation Current contract language Current contract language
Personal Leave Increase to 32 hours per year Current contract language
Contract Term 2 Years 4 Years with limited reopener on economics
Meal Discount for Dining Services Maintain $1 meal for dining services employees Increase cost of shift meal to $3 for UO
Inclement Weather Classified staff paid for closures or delays due to inclement weather 16 hours of paid time due to inclement weather closures; additional time at the president’s discretion.