Published: June 11, 2021

Your member-elected Homecare/PSW bargaining Team met with the State on Tuesday, June 8 for our third bargaining session. 

In this session, we continued negotiations over the State’s new Paid Time Capture/E-Voucher system, launching this summer for APD Homecare workers and Personal Care Attendants (PCAs,) and we passed all of our initial proposals. To read more about the proposals click here.

Here are some of the highlights of those proposals:

Workplace safety and emergency plan for consumers

  • Better language around access to PPE
  • State taking responsibility for evacuation of consumers during a emergencies such as wildfires
  • Making sure that workers know if their consumer or someone in their household has a history of harassment, abuse, or creating an unsafe work environment.

Holiday Pay

  • Making sure that workers receive premium pay for hours worked on a holiday.

Hours limitation for PSWs

  • Would remove the monthly hours cap for PSWs

PSWs and State Employees

  • Would eliminate the rule prohibiting PSWs to be employed as State Workers.

When workers negotiate a new contract with the State, we have an opportunity to raise wages, protect consumer hours, and fight for changes at DHS that will make it easier for us to care for seniors and people with disabilities. The next bargaining session is Tuesday, June 15th.

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