Published: July 28, 2020

Every two years, hundreds of elected leaders in our union gather for General Council, our Union’s “legislative body.” At General Council, the delegates you elect in union elections will debate and vote on resolutions that chart our course for the next two years. Usually, we gather together at a convention center and spend a long weekend as a group, but with social distancing still in effect, we have taken an innovative approach to doing this remotely through video conferencing.

There are some big ideas on the agenda that your delegates will be debating and voting on:

  1. Updating our governing documents to help accomplish our Five Year Plan.
  2. Renewing our dual focus growth and representation by lifting standards for all workers while digging in on representation and protection for our members.
  3. Improving our member communication and member leadership development.
  4. Strengthening our commitment to racial justice.
  5. Increasing our focus on green economy jobs and climate justice. 

General Council will be taking place over the next two weeks. We will update members when their delegates have completed the work you elected them to do. 

It is only through our commitment to raising the voice of workers across Oregon that we are able to stay the strong voice we have for working people. General Council is one of these opportunities to set the course for our union and our workplaces, and this is often where a member’s journey into union leadership begins.