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Progress on Hazardous/Inclement Conditions
As we’ve shared previously, we have been waiting for months for a response from the state on our various proposals around worker protections during hazardous and inclement conditions including being prepared for the next emergency we will inevitably face. Last week we finally got a response, and while it doesn’t include everything we need, it is a start and we’re happy to see some movement on this critical issue. Read details on this and the latest on both our team’s and management’s proposals.

Fighting for the Wage Increases our Members Deserve
We gave management a new economic proposal last week, and we continue to carry the message that our members deserve the highest increases that the budget will allow. We kept our proposal of 3% increases in each year of the contract, but we moved the effective dates to 11/1/21 and 10/1/22, moving the dates allows us to get the biggest raises possible with the amount of money available in the budget. While we continue to make progress and get closer to agreement on these issues, some issues – like market increases for certain classifications and differentials for special duties/qualifications – have been held up because management has been extremely slow getting us the information we need to bargain effectively. We hope to have the information we need by next week, and we expect management to respond to our economics package then as well. We’ll keep you all updated as things move along.

Remember, if you haven’t done so yet, we need all of you to call the Governor – and ask her to support our priority proposals on wages and hazard pay. When we join together in collective action we clear a path to victory. Get instructions on how to reach out to the governor and make sure that once you make a call you record the conversation on that webpage so that we can track our progress along the way.