On Thursday, June 10, we met with management and came to a tentative agreement (pending ratification by our full membership) on a number of articles! Check out the highlights below, and click here for the latest on all proposals. 


  • Strengthened Union and Steward Rights. Wins in this area include steward access to space and equipment needed to represent employees, and one hour/month paid leave for steward training.
  • ADA Process Improvements. Ability to have a steward at ADA accommodation request meetings to provide support through the process, management must respond to accommodation requests within 30 days of receiving all necessary paperwork, management will notify the employee if an extension is needed.
  • Creating Healthy Worksites. The employer will ensure a system is available that allows employees to give direct feedback to their supervisor on a regular basis.
  • Safety Improvements. A committee will be formed to research the feasibility of allowing employees to use truncated names on badges and correspondence.  The state will research the ability to provide active shooter training by December 31, 2021.
  • Investigatory Meetings.  Management will complete investigations within 120 days, or notify the employee of the need for additional time in no longer than 30 day increments.
  • Firefighter Training Leave. Employees may use accrued leave or leave without pay to attend firefighter training.

A Budget that Works for Us!

Over the next couple of weeks the budget will be finalized and we’ll know whether there is adequate funding for our contract, and money dedicated to recognizing all the workers who had no choice but to mask up and go to work in person – risking their health and the health of their families – to keep Oregon working.  We need every member to call the governor (today!) and ask her to fund our contract – including one-time money dedicated to essential worker pay.  We also want to make sure all essential workers – not just those lucky enough to have a union – who sacrificed health and safety to keep the economy afloat get essential worker pay as well – so ask the governor to help pass the essential work pay bill, too. Go to this action page for a sample script and to let us know you made the call!